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Travel India - Roots to Stay and Wings to Fly


"In my lap is the laughter of a Child.
In my pride is the strength of the Mighty Himalayas.
In my wisdom is the knowledge of the Seers
And in my bosom is the fruit of Love."

-- Sangeeta Gurung

How to begin your India Miniguide Tour..

.." Because we believe, every moment of your journey, should be worth a lifetime, we have given a travel experience in India Miniguide. Start your sojourn with my 'India' page, which will give you a topographical impression of our country..India. Go then to 'Seasons India' and 'India Because' pages. These will give you, glimpses of the places we will be elaborating upon, as we take you on a trip through, the Sacred Mountains, the Fiery Deserts, the Fertile Land and the Holy Healing Waters of India ! Fever up your India travel pitch, by reading 'India Tour' and 'Passions'. In the end because, we think every journey must be an awakening of the soul, do not miss the 'Mahatma Gandhi' page. Till then enjoy our 'India News Flashes', and discover India with your heart!"

..Sangeeta Gurung.

For a 'Spiritually Energizing Holidays India, 2010-11'..View the Video "TATVA" Below..!(Music Credit: Prem Joshua..

Welcome to India !!!

Travel India will be a journey of discovery and a realization of the self. Whether it is the spirituality that the Himalayas hold, or the flowing mysticism of the Ganges…The Eternal Love symbolism of the Taj Mahal or the tranquil peace of backwaters and seas; India will touch your soul and carve itself in your memories. Discover Incredible India in the burning deserts of Rajasthan, unwind yourself on the sands and beaches of Goa; feel the tremendous powers of the Wild and the Royal Bengal Tiger, Celebrate love in its entire sensual splendor at Khajuraho and experience the sophisticated luxuries of the Nawabs in Lucknow.

India Culture
A Travel India Travelogue will show India as a rich kaleidoscope of colorful and rich traditions. The Indian civilization is known to be among the oldest in the world and a passage to India gives you an experience of a lifetime. The daily life of every Indian is a canvass of myriad religions, festivals and day to day activities. Some of the main religions with their pantheon of God’s and Guru’s are Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, The Sikhs and Parsis. Each part of India boasts of its own cuisine, art and craft, customs and legends which are all a collective part of the various pictures of India. The history of ancient India is written through various scripts of 'Pali' and 'Prakrit' which later evolved into 'Sanskrit' and modern day Hindi while English is widely spoken throughout the country. Each region has its own language and dialect, which varies from Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu in the South, Bengali and similar scripts in the North East, Gujrati and Marwari in the West to Mumbai’s own unique dialect. Urdu, regarded as the language of the poets is widely spoken in Northern parts of India and Hindi is spoken almost all through the country.

Spiritual India
Your Travel India experience in the Himalayas harbors the knowledge of the seers throughout its heights; The Ganges flows through the endless corridors of time with flowing mysticism while ancient traditions and practices capture the spirit of India. Old scripts and Vedic text talks of ‘karma’, ‘dharma’, heart rendering Sufism, ancient healing arts of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, and many more philosophies which will enhance your Travel India experience. The wisdom of the mountains, the fiery spirit of the Desert Sun, the purifying waters of India and the rich flora and fauna of the fertile earth nurtures your soul and leaves an imprint in your life. Discover the compassion of Buddha, the teachings of holy sages, the mighty power of Shiva and the tranquility of Sikh Gurus. This rich panorama of Cultural and Spiritual India is embodied in the various art forms of the country. Each state has its own dance, music and art form to reflect its beliefs and traditions.

Adventure Travel to India
A Travel India Trek will take you to the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, North East, Uttaranchal and Jammu and Kashmir. Green Eco-friendly tours, nature walks, mountain-climbing, fishing, paragliding, skiing and river rafting can provide a rejuvenating vacation. Outdoor excursions with wildlife naturalists and jeep safari’s through the winding roads of Kinnaur, Spiti and Ladakh serve as a recreational trip to unwind your mind. Try out unique flavors of the wine and spices of India, excursions to farms and orchards through rural India and experience the thrill of mountain biking, hikesNature Walks will introduce you to the myraid flora and fauna of our country.

Heritage Travel
An India experience will be incomplete without the awe inspiring architectural splendor of India. Discover ancient architecture and traditions carved out on walls in the various temples, mosques and monuments of India. Explore Indian heritage and history through the ages. Start with the ancient Indus Civilisation in Harappa, Hindu depictions of gods, wars and love through historical temples and shrines, Muslim and Mughal architecture, Colonial traditions in old Churches and other diverse forms of art and architecture in India.

Travel India Updates
Travel to India, Land of the Taj Mahal.
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