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Gujrat Mud Homes

Gandhi Gujarat...White Desert,Kutch,Gujarat,India:" Earth..A welcoming decorated Bride "!!

Tribal Culture of Guajarat

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Gujarat (Hindi: गुजरात) is a state in India. Gandhi India..Gujarat, is bordered by Rajasthan to the north, Maharashtra to the south, Madhya Pradesh to the east and the Arabian Sea as well as Pakistan on the west. Its capital is Gandhinagar, while its largest commercial hub cities are Ahmedabad, Baroda and Jamnagar.

Mahatma Gandhi, considered India's "Father of the Nation", was a Gujarati who, led the Indian Independence Movement against the British colonial rule. The famous 'Dandi March' is almost synonymous to the History of Modern India, as the ancient resonance of "OM" any Indian ! The 'Sabarmati Ashram'..a rural Heritage which till today, rules the political and social psyche of India today. 'Saurashtra' (Gujarat) with its 41 ports, has famous Tourism India Attractions of Dwarka, Bhuj, White Desert Kutch and Art n Diamond city of Surat. The Holy waters of 'Narmada' n 'Sabarmati', nuture the Gir Forests Asiatic Lions which are famous all over the world.

Kite Flying India

Gandhi Gujarat is vibrant with all colors of the rainbow during 'Makar Sankranti' Kite Flying Festival ( Dec/January). Oth er prominent Festivals are the 'Modhera' Dance Carnival (January) and 'Kutch Mahotsav' (February–March),..highlighted by beautiful Earth n Mud decorations which brings life to the White desert homes of Rural Gujarat. 'Nava-Ratra' and 'Janamashtami' are, alight with the drums and the swings of the 'Garba' n 'Dandiya', folk dances of this colorful state of India !

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Food Gujarat


In India..any special occasion, is always celebrated with the pleasures of the 'tongue' n the 'taste' ! In the White Desert of Gujarat, Kutch,..the warmth of an 'Indian Kitchen', with its heartwarming flavors, will truelly, stay with you always in your 'Asiatic Journey of the East '. ..It is not possible to forget the Gods in any Daily meal on any Festival of India. 'Bhog' (Offering to God), consists of a variety of foods to appease the Spiritual Hand of the Almighty for His Kind Blessings in a background of ethnic Earth interiors !!

Gandhi, Gujarat & Gold..(Zari Work)

The lure of Gold n Silver looms of India, spinning sheer artistry exotica on traditional Indian and Western yarns,..has fascinated many from time unknown. The open shores of India brought in the Portugese, French and the British Empire which favored time in India..the Indian laces of Gold n Silver..'ZARI', ruled the hearts of many fashion houses of the European Courts.

The 'Zari'(gold thread embroidery work) of Surat in Gujarat State of India, is one of the most Ancient forms of Art and Handicraft. The principal types of products are real and imitation gold and silver threads, weaving 'magic' to the exquisite embroidery of Indian fabric. 'Zari' border weaving find their exclusive enhancement in laces, caps, turbans, sarees,sacred Chadars n Chunnis in the Holy Shrines of India.

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