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New Delhi,(Hindi: दिल्ली) is located in northern India. It borders the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh on East and Haryana on West, North and South. During British Imperialism in India, it was a district of the Punjab province which stretches from Yamuna in the East to the Indus River in the West.

This metropolitan capital of India is a poignant fusion of striding ambition, age old architecture and yester year's warmth. As any agency in India North travel, will tell you it is the gateway city to Indian tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal Agra, Rajasthan, Dharamshala, Khajuraho and Rishikesh among others. It can be best enjoyed in your India travel for, its exclusive five star opulence of deluxe hotels, budget savvy eateries, Dilli Haat and sky scrapping shopping Malls, which play host to International brands from across the globe. The city as home to the Central Government, is a heady aphrodisia of power and politics.

Like many cities in India, with migrant population, it witnesses the celebration of many Festivals of India. 'Deepawali', the Festival of Lights is the most popular in this urban city. On Diwali, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, 'Laxmi' is worshipped. While planning a holiday in India to get a special flavor of India food, ornamental India clothing, decorative cottage industry, fireworks and lights, this remarkable festival in the month of October/November, is a must on your travel calendar.

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The Capital city of India is decorative in its lure of Gold Jewellery bazaars. There is no festive occasion in India which does not canvas the gold brush of Midas. The famed 'meena bazaar' of old Delhi..the gem studded 'jardau work'..nau laka haar and ofcourse the romance of the 'jhumkas', will stay in Indian fashion for a long time !

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