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Bodhgaya India...Buddha's Bodhi Tree,India:" Sowing the Seed of Eternity..Enlightenment Bihar ! "!!

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Bihar (Hindi: बिहार) is a state in eastern India. Bihar lies mid-way between the humid West Bengal in the east and the sub humid Uttar Pradesh in the west. It is bounded by the country of Nepal to the north and by Jharkhand to the south. The Bihar plain is divided into two parts by the river 'Ganges' which, flows through the middle from west to east. Most important towns are... Bodhgaya,India, where Lord Gautama Buddha attained 'Enlightenment', under the sacred 'Bodhi tree' andNalanda famous in the history of Ancient India as the oldest House of India Knowledge.Among the holy places in India, Vaishali is popular in the Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, along with Patna, the capital town of Bihar, India.

The culture of India presents a biblical record of patronage to the flowers in India with worship to Lord 'Surya'..the Sun God, the sacred River 'Ganges' and various animals in India. In Asia as in India, festivals determine the mingling of various communities, celebrating the cultures n customs in India. In Bihar state..Chhath Festival (Oct/Nov), is the most important festival n 'puja', where women fast for the welfare of the family and give offerings and pray to the Sun God (Surya) in the healing waters of River Ganga. In Bodhgaya India, the Buddhist festival'Buddha Purnima' (April/May) commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, where thousands of buddhist monks and tourists gather under the 'Bodhi tree'.

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Bodhgaya Bihar

Bodhgaya, Bihar

..Gautama Buddha moved towards the village of Senani where, he was offered rice milk by a Brahmin girl, Sujata. Accepting from a grass-cutter a gift of kusa grass for a mat, the Bodhisattva took a seat under a pipal tree facing east. Here he resolved not to rise again until enlightenment was attained.

"Here on this seat my body may shrivel up,my skin, my bones, my flesh may dissolve,but my body will not move from this seat until I have attained Enlightenment,so difficult to obtain in the course of many kalpas".

The ancient Seat of Enlightenment, under the sacred 'bodhi tree' in Bodhgaya, Bihar is today the holy site of the Maha Bodhi Temple.

Bihar India
Motihari Bihar

Bihar, Motihari

The famous 20th century writer of 'Animal Farm and '1984', George Orwell found the wings to his imagination in India. Born in a small village home of Motihari in Bihar state, many characters of his famous book find an uncanny resemblence to his early childhood days.

Like they say learning is a treasure, that will follow its owner anywhere around the globe !

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