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siddhivinayak temple mumbai
Ram Setu

News India : India..Because I seek thy blessings in the Sands of Time, so that my journey could be blessed ! Siddhivinayak Temple, Mumbai, Maharastra India

News India: The blessings of the Sands, Mumbai, India, 12th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

From centuries, man has prayed for the blessings of the Almighty, before starting his life's journey. With the name of Jesus on their lips the storm was cleared, Moses carved the way out for his followers in the Red Sea..It is also believed in the sacred epic of 'Ramayana', on their journey to rescue Sita, Shri Ram was helped by the Monkey God Hanuman and his kin. The bridge 'Ram Setu'was made by this army who threw the stones with the name of Lord Ram so that the stones would not sink. Lord Ram himself created the shivaling from the sands of Mumbai, on his way to Lanka and created the Ban-Ganga by his arrow, wordhipped today, as the Walkeshwar Temple. Maharastra celebrates Lord Ganesha as 'Siddhivinayak' and the dawn of the day begins with his blessings. Mumbai was blessed by Mahalaxmi and Ganesha when they rested there on their journey !

The commercial capital of Mumbai, named after Mumba Devi, the patron deity, is marked by the Gateway of India along with many art galleries and museums. Famous shrines, are the Mahalaxmi Temple, St. Thomas Cathedral and the Holy Haji Ali Tomb. Symbolic to the bravery of Chhatrapati Shivaji..Maharastra offers exciting excursions to the ancient Elephanta and Ajanta/ Ellora Caves outside Mumbai..truelly a rcok miracle on the Sands of Time !

ajanta ellora caves

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Tribes Gujrat
Jhulta Minar Gujarat

News India : India..Because my sublime Faith is my Nation, and my every Shrine is sacred ! The Tribal Belt, Gujarat India

News India: The Parsi sacred Fire Temple,Udvada, Gujarat, India, 11th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The home state of Mahatma Gandhi..Gujarat, needs no introduction. It gives an incredible synthesis of various tribes and cultures of India. Its architecture and ancient shrines reflect the diversity of India.

The capital city of Ahmedabad has many ancient muslim Mosques, Sidi Saiyed Mosque, Ahmad Shah Mosque, Rani Sipri Mosque and the fascinating 'Jhulta Minar' (Shaking Minar) at Sidi Bashir Mosque. 82 Kms from Ahmedabad the Saputra is a scenic hill resort which is marked by snake worship on the banks of the SarpGanga. The Dang adivasis celebrate the colorful fair 'Dang's Durbar' at Ahwa during spring. Other famous cities to visit are Surat, Vadodra and coastal areas of Daman and Diu. The port town of Bhavnagar, is named after the Kathi tribe. Ancient Hindu temples like the Somnath Shiva Temple made by the Moon God and the famous Dwarkadish Temple in Dwarka, are few of the holy pilgimages in Gujarat. The Gir National park is home to the Asiatic lions while Bhuj, is famous for its wide variety of handicrafts.

Portbandar, the coastal town has the ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi..Apostle of Peace and Father of the Nation !!

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Gandhi Peace

Rock Elephant Orissa
Ashoka the Great

News India : India..Because a proud King in all his power and penance, discovered Peace on this sacred soil,Dhauli Edicts, Kalinga, Orissa, India

News India: Kalinga..the Peace Path,Orissa,India, 08th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Orissa, washed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal on the east, has stood witness to the historical transformation of an ambitious King Ashoka, after his victory at the Great Kalinga War. As per legend in all his remorse, he renounced War and Violence, after seeing the bloody destruction in the Kalinga battle. He chose the path of Peace and preached the Words of Buddha. The ancient Ashokan Dhauli edicts, at Kalinga stands, testimony to the spirituality of this sacred soil.

The Udaigiri and Khandagiri Caves, were erected for the Jain monks, under the patronage of King Kharvela, who initiated an era of Jainism after King Ashoka's regime. The town of Puri, is famous for the Lord Jagannath Temple and its pristine golden sands and beaches. Konark, 65 Kms from the capital town of Bhubaneswar, marks the glory of the Ganga Kings. King Narshimadev, in the 13th century contructed the colossal Sun Chariot Temple dedicated to Lord 'Surya', the Sun God.

Bhubaneswar, the capital town has many places of interest like the Lingaraja Temple and Rajrani Temple. Other than that Orissa, with its 62 tribal groups and beautiful dance forms of 'Odissi', 'Chhau' and 'Chaitighora', is a vibrant panaroma of culture. The Bonda tribe enjoys the unique tradition of young people living together in song and dance, before selecting their life partner !

Odissi Orissa

Subash Chandra Bose

News India : India..Because in my Passion, in my Pride and in my my Motherland..Heritage Writers Building, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

News India: Writers Building,West Bengal,India, 07th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Be it in my worship or wisdom, it would be impossible not to remember Bengal, on the birthday of my favourite Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Bengal, takes its name from King Banga, the son of Mythogical King 'Bali' of the Mahabharata Epic. Bengal today, is famous for the patriotism of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, exquisite prose of Rabindranath Tagore and the passion of Mother Teresa for the poor.

The majestic Writers Building, in gothic architecture of 1780, was originally housed as the offices of the writers of the East India Company, who were none other, than the clerks working there. Nobel Laurete, Rabindra Nath Tagore founded a school in Shanti Niketan ( Vishwa Bharati University). This studies the relations between man and nature. The famous wetland wildlife sanctuary 'Sunderbans' inhabitated by the Royal Bengal Tiger, is worth a visit.

Calcutta or Kolkata, on the banks of river Hooghly, was founded by a British agent, Job Charnok, as Sutanuti, when he married a brahmin widow after saving her from becoming a 'sati'. Among the many places of interest in Kolkata is the Kalighat Temple dedicated to the patron deity of the city. Victoria Memorial, St. Johns Cathedral, Fort William, Parasnath Jain Temple are all interesting places to visit. The famous festival of Durga Puja, is held in Sep/Oct where you can enjoy Durga Worship and the famed Bengali sweet tooth !

Jharkhand Falls
Jain Temple Jharkhand

News India : India..Because a young Mountain will tell you its own story, Hundru Falls, Jharkhand!", India

News India: A Young Mountain..Jain Pilgrimage, Jharkhand, 06th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The young hill state of Jharkhand, was established with wild celebrations by the local 'adivasis', in November 2000. A museum of Anthropology at the Tribal Research Institute, is one of its kind in India. The capital town of Ranchi, is famous for its Lord Jagannath Temple and the holiday haven..Macluskiganj, tucked away on the outskirts. For a spellbound eco watch spend the day exploring the lakes and waterfalls aound the area, specially the 'hundru' waterfall !

The Jain pilgrimage take you to Parasnath Temple at Sikayi, a major Jain pilgrimage center. At 1450 metres, you can enjoy walking or being carried on a pallanquin. The 24 temples represent the Jain Tirthankaras, where the 23rd Tirthankar, Parasnath, attained 'nirvana' nearly 100 years after his birth.

Temple of Buddha

News India: Special Shrine..Bodhgaya, Bihar 2009.

Bodhgaya in Bihar, is one of the most holy site in India where Buddha attained 'Enlightenment'. The Maha Bodhi temple standing adjacent to the descendant of the original 'bodhi tree', under which Buddha, meditated and attained 'enlightenment', is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage.

Erected by Emperor Ashoka, in the 03 century BC, this ornate structure, houses a large gilded Buddha. A sapling from the original Bodhi tree was carried to Sri Lanka by Emperor Ashoka's daughter 'Sanghamitta'. In turn a cutting was brought back to Bodhgaya from this tree and planted here with a vajrasan, underneath it, as Buddha's seat of Enlightenment.

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Neer Mahal Tripura

News India : India..Because the Mountain whispers its secrets to the Spirits of the Caves, the Lakes and the Bamboo Forests, Neer Mahal, Tripura!", India

News India: Caves and Lakes of North East India, Tripura 2009 , 01st May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The tiny North Eastern hill state of Tripura, has many rivers, waterfalls and lakes, which can be enjoyed on country bamboo boats. The beautiful waterfall of Damboor near the source of the River Gomti, is one of the most scenic beauty to visit. Rudra Sagar Lake, 55 Kms from the capital town of Agartala, is a romantic picnic spot with boating, fishing and the famous Neer Mahal Water Palace.

Unakoti, about 200 Kms from Agartala is an 8th century pilgrimage center and according to legend the work of an inspired sculpture who carved 9,999,999 rock images of Lord Shiva Parivar (Family), in one day. The capital town Agartala has, 14 dieties Temple and ancient Lord Jagannath shrine along with the Buddha Vihar. The Temple of Goddess Tripura Sundari is perched on a hilltop and nearby is the Sagar tank where the holy tortoises are fed by the pilgrims.

News India: Ancient Legends of the Caves, Mizoram, North East India, 2009 , 01st May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Perched on the tip of the north eastern border of India, idyllic Mizoram, formerly known as the 'Lushai Hills', is a land of great natural beauty, an endless variety of landscape with steep hills and deep gorges, rich flora and fauna, clusters of whispering pines, and quaint villages with houses on stilts.The word 'Mizo' means highlander, a collective term given by their neighbours to a number of tribes, which settled in this area, which are now mostly christians.

Aizawl, the capital town has has interesting 'Bara Bazaar', where you can visit the weaving center, the Soloman cave and shops, selling beautiful 'bamboo' products as the State is famous for its bamboo forests. There are many quaint caves and mystic lakes to discover with interesting legends.

One of them is the 'Kungawrhi Puk' Cave: The folktale related with this cave speaks of a beautiful young girl named 'Kungawrhi', who was married to a brave young man, named Pnathira. When the couple was going to Pnathira's village after the marriage, some spirits, attracted by her beauty, abducted her. The spirits brought her to this cave and kept her confined in it. Later she was rescued by her brave husband from the cave.

Mizoram Folk Music

Meghalaya Butterfly
Caves of Meghalaya

News India : India..Because Life Does not come in shades of Black n' White.." Butterfly Kingdom..Meghalaya !", India

News India: Butterflies of North East India, 2009 , 29th April, 2009, News Incredible India.

Life can be best discovered in our moments of high and low, in the tapestry of colors ambivalent in the Nature around us.

Meghalaya, one of the youngest North Eastern states, is known as the 'Abode of Clouds'. It is different than any other as the 'Khasi', 'Jaintia' and 'Garo' tribes, although mostly christians, still follow monolithic stone worship. Interestingly the property and power is inherited by the womenfolk. Shillong, the capital town offers the State Museum, Botanical Garden and the waterfalls. Cave trekking is an exciting experience, right out of a story book !

'Winged Delights' can be best experienced in Meghalaya, a happy abode of splendid varieties of butterflies. About 250 species of butterflies are found in Meghalaya, exquisite varieties being: Blue Peacock, the Kaiser-E-Hind, Leafs-Butterfly, the Dipper, the Bhutan Glory. The Yellow Orange Tip has been recorded from Barapani during June. The Vagrant has been recorded from Nongpoh during February. The Common Blue Bottle has been recorded from Cherrapunjee, Mawphlang, Laitkor and Shillong during July to November. The Red-Breast Jazebel has been recorded from Nongpoh and Shillong during October, making this kingdom a vibrant riot of COLORS, during all seasons !

Loktak Lake, Manipur
Antelope Deer Manipur

News India : India.."Because in the Mountains, your wandering soul too, will find solace, like many on these Floating Islands, Loktak Lake, Manipur !", India

Floating Islands,Manipur, India, 28th April, 2009, News Incredible India

Manipur, the precious jewel in the North Eastern Himalayas, forever young in its 'floating islands' which give sanctuary to many. Home, to the 'vaishnavit Hindus' and tribals, it is considered the original ground from where the leisure game of 'polo' originated. Imphal, the capital town becomes alive with ceremonial Manipur dances at the famous golden shrine of 'Govindaji'on Fairs and Festivals ! The State Museum near the Polo ground, offers interesting history of the State.

Take some time off in the lap of nature at the Kalbul Lamjo National Park, 50 Kms south of Imphal, famous for its Floating Island Sanctuary and the rare brown antelope deer. The Loktak lake is a great attraction for naturalists, orinthologists,anglers and boating enthusiasts. A Natural haven for those seeking quiet and solace.

Folk Dance, Manipur

Hornbill Festival Nagaland
Nagaland Guests

News India : India.."Because the Mountain is Alive with the Song and Dance of Life !",Hornbill Festival , Nagaland, India

Festival of Life,Nagaland, India, 27th April, 2009, News Incredible India

One of my favourite North Eastern Himalayan State..Nagaland, becomes a live panaroma of traditions and dance, in December, when all the tribes collect for the Annual Hornbill Festival. The unique tribes of Nagaland were once famous and feared as head-hunters, where captive warriors were ritually beheaded and preserved for the spiritual release of the soul ! In 1870, with the British Empire, Christianity became popular and this tradition ceased. The capital town of Kohima, is housing the State Museum which gives an interesting display of the Naga culture.

For an unmatched holiday experience, completely unforgettable, plan your trip two months ahead through a Tour organizer. Get an insight on this unique trip of some of the tribes. We prefer a visit to the Shiyong village of the Konyak tribe living in thatched huts. The men have elaborate facial tatoos and adornments made of wild animal's horns and teeth. They trade in colorful handicrafts, huge log drums and ofcourse the famous 'nagaland shawls'. In keeping with the Naga etiquette, permission must be taken from the 'aung' or chieftain of the tribe.

Nagaland Folk Dances

Orchid Valley Arunachal India
Tribes of India

News India : India.."Because the Mountains know why we still are Learning !",Tipi Orchidarium, Arunachal Pradesh, India

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover , Arunachal Pradesh, India, 25th April, 2009, News Incredible India

The meaning of Arunachal Pradesh in Sanskrit is, ‘The Land of the Dawn Lit Mountains’. The 'Apatani Tribe' of Arunachal around Ziro, believe the beauty of a woman is from her soul and to ward her off from the roving evil eyes of other tribal men, their women wore heavy nose studs and black tatoos on their face. Arunchal Pradesh, one of the seven North Eastern Himalayan states of India, have in them, the wisdom of about 66 ancient tribes of India. Itanagar, the capital town, derives its name from the Ita Fort which dates back to the Ahom rulers in the 14th century. Other places of interest are the Buddha Vihar and the Ganga Lake ,while Parshuram Kund and the Bhismanagar Fort of the Pandavas are in the Lohit district. One of the oldest Buddhist Monastery and birthplace of the VIth Dalai Lama, the Tawang Monastery in Kameng district, is a must for any visitor.

For a 'Special Signature Holiday', do not forget a visit to the Tipi Orchidarium enroute to Bomdila, having as many as 350 species of exotic orchids in the valley, the state being home to over 500 species of this exotic plants. Bamboo weaving, is also an ancient art of the locals and if you can visit a 'Mishmi' tribal home, it will be a unique Eco-friendly, Bamboo experience.

manas sanctuary assam
Horn Bill Manas Sanctaury

INDIA..." Because did you not know, in a Sleeping Mountain lie the dreams of all Mankind !", Manas Sanctuary, Assam,.

Banana Boat Adventure, Assam.

News India : Let the Mountain Sleep, Assam, 2009 , 23rd April, 2009, News Incredible India

One of the seven sisters of the North Eastern Himalayas..Assam, is dear to me, for many lessons learnt from my friends there ! Guwahati, the capital town well connected by rail, road and air, is located on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra river literally meaning..Son of Lord Brahma, the God of All Creation. 32 Kms away from Guwahati, is the famous spiritual high point of 'Hajo-Pao-Mecca', patronised by Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists alike, as a handfull of blessings, from the sacred Mecca Mosque of the Middle East. Thus, it is believed having been born to the Himalayas, if you have in any way nurtured them, you have by your own 'karma', nurtured the dreams of all Mankind. The famous 'Navagraha Temple' (Temple of Nine Celestials) of Lord Shiva and the 'Kamakhya Temple' of Goddess 'Sati', are important shrines of faith in this region.

With its famous raw silk, tea gardens and exotic wildlife, Assam is truely a 'dream holiday'. The Kaziranga National Park and far away from the maddening crowd, the Manas Sanctuary offers good variety of birds and animal life. Tourism being an important economy, for these ever smiling hill people..,we pray fervently to our Gods, to Let the Mountain Sleep, ensuring a legacy of Peace and Prosperity for our children !

INDIA..." Because had the Ladies not stolen the fragnance from the Buds, the rainbow the color from the Blooms, the world would have been but a ' Paradise Lost ', Yumthang Valley, Sikkim.

Valley of Flowers..Yumthang Valley, Sikkim.

News India : Yumthang Valley, Sikkim, 2009 , 21st April, 2009, News Incredible India

Brother, to the seven sisters of the North Eastern Himalayas..Sikkim is a world apart, Gangtok the capital is easily accessable via Darjeeling. The famous Kagyur Rumtek Monastery, Do-Drul Chorton, Deer Park, Tsomgo Lake along with Yuksom the ancient spiritual capital of Sikkim blessed by three learned High Lamas, all provide an interesting holiday. My favourite however will always be the 'Yumthang Flower Valley', home to the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, which houses 24 species of these exotic flower, which blooms from April till end of May every year.

Yumthang Valley, Sikkim

Cup of Tea, Dharamsala
Tea Pickers of Darjeeling

INDIA.."Because the best stories can be shared over a warm Cup of Tea !"..Tea Gardens, Darjeeling.

News India : Darjeeling Tea Gardens, 2009 , 18th April, 2009, News Incredible India

Tiger Hill..Sunrise views, Ghoom Monastery, Mirik Lake..many places to see in this beautiful hill station, but nothing like a holiday romance in the famous Tea Gardens of Darjeeling, where you can share the best of stories over a fragnant cup of premium tea.

Dr Campbell, way back in 1841 planted the famous china tea seeds in his Beachwood garden in Darjeeling. Thus started the ancient flavours of Darjeeling green leaf tea.

Darjeeling Tea is widely and universally acknowledged, to be the finest tea because, its flavour is so unique that it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Grown in a romantic and mystical mountainous region of Darjeeling, at an elevation of 750-2000 meter, the tea is imbued with an incomparable charisma and quality. Grown in century old tea gardens, these tea bushes are natured by intermittent rainfall, sunshine and moisture laden mellow mists.

The flavors of Darjeeling Tea, differs from season to season. According to the plucking period, the season can be categorised as under:

Easter Flush (March-April): It arrives just after the dormant Winter months. The leaves are tender and very light green appearance. The liquor too is light ,clear, bright and imparts a pleasant brisk flavor.

Spring Flush (May-June) : This Flush is famed for its prominent quality. The leaf has a purplish bloom. The liquor is more round, mellow and with more color (amber) and has a slightly fruity flavour. It is during this period that the famous "Muscatel" flavor becomes pronounced.

Summer Flush (July -September): During this period the nature of the liquid changes, becoming stronger, yet retaining the brightness and character that Darjeeling is known for.

Autumn Flush (October-November): The Tea during this period has a light coppery tinge and liquors have a delicate character.

The Nawabs of Lucknow

INDIA..because, why should the World hold my Leisure to ransom, when "Time" itself, is my Lady in Waiting..Nawabs of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA !

News India :The Royal Game of Chess, Lucknow, 2009 , 08th April, 2009, News Incredible India

Sometimes, when we seem most lost, we can often get the best direction of our lives ! Such is the famous 'Bhool Bhaliya' of Lucknow, in Uttar Pradesh. The maze of tunnels in the 'Imam Baras', has been made such, that without a guide it is difficult to come out of it. The delicate intricate, chicken and lace works of the Nawab Era, shows that time itself was in leisure with mankind. The subtle seduction of the Avadh evenings, has tempted many, including the cinematic world. 'The Chess Players ', effectively represents the almost nonchalant stance where, a royal game of chess could not be disturbed under the most precarious situation.

The court dance form, 'Mujra' normally, performed by Kathak dancers and exquisite musicians..where young royalties, were initiated into the gaiety of life. 'Dum - Pukht' cuisine flavours, the succulent and tender lamb preparations, which are cooked in slow fire, while the 'kebabs' and 'rumali rotis' garnish, the gourmet meals of that era.

Kathak Dance form, Lucknow
Dum Pukht Lucknow

Mansa Devi Mata

News India : SPECIAL SHRINE, The Mansa Devi Temple , 2009.

News India :Mansa Devi Temple, Haridwar , 2009 , 06th April, 2009, News Incredible India

The Holy city of the Ganges.. Haridwar is also famous for the ancient temple of 'Mansa Devi', also known as Jaratkaru, as Mother to 'Astik', who was famous for bringing prosperity to the snake kingdom. Nagini Mansa Devi was the sister of the snake king Vasuki, who was a prominent figure in the Hindu Mythology. Her name signifies, fulfillment of one's deep desires , as she married the asetic Jaratkaru and by giving birth to Astik she pleased her husband's ancestors and put their souls to rest.

Lotus Temple, Delhi

India.." Because when we share our Gods, together we become the most relevant "need of the hour"..PEACE !", Lotus Temple, Delhi!

News India :Lotus Temple, Delhi , 2009 , 04th April, 2009, News Incredible India

A message can be understood in two ways. God is nowhere or God is now here. In this paradox, lies the spirituality of our faith. How many times have Gods, erred as human beings and how many times have human beings endeavoured to become Gods. Jesus Christ was, 'Good Karma' himself, when he sought his salvation in giving salvation to others. Lord Krishna, helped the five brothers (The Pandavas), fight the war of 'Dharma' against immorality, while Allah, preached the words of the 'Divine'. Our faiths all speak to us, in the language of the soul and the power of the 'Divine' can either divide us, or unite us as a Global Community in the common 'Religion of Good Humanity' !

The 'Lotus Temple' in Delhi is a fine example of inter-faiths, prayering for the Peace and Harmony for the World.

Shiva India

INDIA..because Iam the Passion and the Wrath of Shiva !, Daksheshwar Temple..Haridwar, Uttarakhand !

News India :Uttarakhand..Shiva's Blessings ! , 2009 , 28th March, 2009, News Incredible India

The resonance of Bumm ! Bumm ! Bhole ! resounds, in the walls of Daksheshwar Temple in the holy city of the Ganges,..Haridwar at Kankhal in Uttarakhand. 'The Navratra' Katha, starts here, in the spiritual form of 'sati', daughter of Raja Daksha, who married Lord Shiva in the Kailash Himalayas. Legend has it that she threw herself in the havan kund fire because she could not take the humiliation of her husband Lord Shiva not being invited by her father for the MahaYagya - Puja. When 'Shiva' heard the news he was angered and griefed. In his wrath, the head of Raja Dakshya was cut and thrown into the fire and was reborn..with a goat's head. Shiva's anger was calmed after much pleading and with the assurance of the Gods, that 'Sati' would be reborn again. Thus 'Parvati' was born, in the valleys of the Himalayas, in Himachal Pradesh, as Lord Shiva's consort and mother to Lord Ganesha and Kartike. The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, is famous for the "Char-DHAM" pilgrimage of the Shiva Peeths.

Kinkri Devi Himachal

INDIA..because in my Himalayas, is the Vision of a Green India..Kinkri Devi, Himachal Pradesh !

News India : Green Himachal..Kinkri Devi, a Legend , 2009 , 26th March, 2009, News Incredible India

This page is dedicated to the brave endeavour of this brave lady Smt. Kinkri Devi, a legend, who battled against 'irregular mining' and deforestation of the nearby green forests,for a long time and contributed much in the banning of irregular slate and stone mining in the state by her solid determination and vision.

She was born in a backward area of Sangrah in a tiny village of Ghaton in Sirmour district. She was a daughter of a poor farmer.

For more on A Green Himalaya...Click Here !

Shaheed Bhagat Singh

INDIA..." Because in my Passion, is the Pride of a Nation ! Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Punjab.

News India: Shaheed-e-Azam, 2009 , 23nd March, 2009, News Incredible India

On the Martyrdom Day of Shaheed-e-Azam, the Nation pays homage to the great patriots of Punjab, Shri. Bhagat Singh,Rajguru and Sukhdev for the great sacrifice for their Motherland..India !

For more on Dalai Lama, Dharma..Click HERE !

Garden Tulip India

INDIA..." Because the Gods wanted to give us mortals, a Heaven on Earth ! "..Tulips in Kashmir .

News India: Tulips Kashmir, 2009 , 18th March, 2009, News Incredible India

The Tulip cultivation in the Himalayas of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is the new upcoming floral industry of the mountains. Besides local economy it also is an ideal venue for horticulture and green Tourism in the states.

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