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Basket Ball Himachal

India News Alert : CM Himachal with Winners, Hamirpur- Hemraj Memorial Basketball Tournament, 2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: A Self Reliant Himachal, 2009..!, 25th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

In the recently concluded Hemraj Memorial Basketball Tournament in Hamirpur, the CM of Himachal, Prof. PK Dhumal, promoted the cause of the Himachal Sports fraternity, promising special financial and moral support to budding young talent.

As per his dream, for a 'self reliant' Himachal. " While providing education, good roads, basic and health facilities in the state, are the priorities of the Govt., we have a dream of making every Himachali..self reliant for a life of self respect !" This vision will no doubt, make all of us proud but, which also requires close cooperation from all of responsible citizens.

India News Alert: Green Drive..Water Resources,2009..!, 25th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Irrigation Minister of Himachal, Shri. Ravindra Singh Ravi, has shown his deep commitment, for providing water resources and human welfare to all, in the Himalayan valley. With the delayed monsoon all over India, all options for harnassing natural water resources, stringent water conservation policy for commercial and domestic use along with cooperation of the people will be explored to meet this challenge. Hands pumps will be installed in traditionally dry regions of the state.

Cricket T20, 2009

India News Alert : Pakistan Rejoicing..T20 World Cup 2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: Sports Tete-e-Tete, 2009..!, 23rd June, 2009, News Incredible India.

***It was a victorious journey, for a spirited Pakistan Cricket team having won the prestigious T20 World Cup 2009, at Lords in UK. The tournament displayed excellent sportsmanship, along with the happy jingle of 'family entertainment'.

***In the Women's T20 World Cup in London at the historic Lords, the energetic gals of England took the show by a stunning victory over New Zealand in the Finals.

***From our very own India, young and talented, Saina Nehwal from the 'City of Charminar', did the Nation proud by her performance. A 'Dream come true' for Saina, as she breezed her way to victory at the Indonesian Open Badminton Championship, 2009 at Jakarta.

India News Alert: Himachal Agro Project, 2009..!, 23rd June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Himachal Agro Universities, are proposing to introduce practical field training, by incoporating 'agricultural projects' into the academic sessions, for the benefit of the students.

India News Alert: Baby Care Projects..Assam, India 2009..!, 23rd June, 2009, News Incredible India.

A unique post-natal care scheme named 'Sakhi'(Friend), is being introduced in Govt. Hospitals in the beautiful North East Himalayas of Assam. As per the scheme, two home science graduates, will be employed in the hospital for assisting 'new mothers', in improving better standards of maternity.

Ali Akbar Khan..A Tribute

India News Alert :International Relations- A Tribute..Ustad Ali Akbar Khan , 2009 !India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: Universal Sound of Music, 2009..!, 21st June, 2009, News Incredible India.

On World Music cannot help remembering the eternal beauty of Sarod Maestro, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. His music will live forever in our hearts, enriching many a moment for all of us, all over the World.

India News Alert: Preserving the Himalayan Snow Leopard, 2009..!, 21st June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Himalayan Forest Department and Wild Life experts are initiating a 'management program', for preserving the highly endangered species of Himalayan Snow Leopard. This majestic creature of Himalayan terrain, is the pride of the mountains and all of us, wish the project success !

India News Alert: Himalayan Baseline Survey, 2009..!, 21st June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Himachal Pradesh has been adjudged, as one of the leading states for human development. It has the distinction, of having the second lowest poverty head count rate in the country.

India US Relations

India News Alert :International Relations- US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton and Shri. Anand Sharma, Union Minister India , 2009 !India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: India & USA..Where dreams are Born..!, 20th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, at the US India Business Council said, " The US-India relationship was 'due for an upgrade'". In a meeting with Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Shri. Anand Sharma, she emphasized on major platforms for mutual cooperation..Global Security, Human Development, Economic Activity, Science & Technology along with Harmonious People to People Interaction.

Both Nations, have much to share as responsible Global partners, for promoting Universal Harmony and Global Economy !

India and Pakistan 2009

India News Alert :India and Pakistan..A Healing Touch, 2009 !India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: India & Pakistan..Where Dreams are Born..!, 17th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

India & Pakistan..”Where dreams are born !”..

Now that the ashes have settled down, you and I must is time to move on ! Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Manmohan Singh and Honourable President of Pakistan, Shri Asif Ali Zardari, have both taken the all important first step for initiating ‘Peace Talks’, at the SCO meet in Russia.

Once upon a time, we were one Nation, which at the turn of dusk, ate as one people under starlit skies and woke up together in unison to face the new Dawn. Promises will have to be made and honoured but, I do believe, that there can be no bigger partition than that, which we create in our own hearts, by closing the windows of communication for fighting ‘a common cause of Peace’. Can we not use the knowledge of the Past, of having shared the same history of culture and tradition to bind us together for the sake of our children and a ‘green future’. We can as good neighbours, Iam sure, celebrate the spirit of Brotherhood of our bygone days. I see no reason why our children should be heir to the folly of our past, when our precious time can be spent in knitting a future ‘together’!

Peace, I believe is a pre-requisite for Progress and our common past, can be utilized for creating, better social and trade relations for mutual benefit. Each one of us as independent Nations can, prosper and thus by creating a better economy, can offer our young, a reason to live and look beyond the nozzle of the gun. We have many times prayed to the same Gods and this spiritual bond can only teach us to take care of each other. We must as Nations , realize our Peace catalysts for Global Harmony and Trade.

Both leaders have much to gain and nothing to lose..after all as our Prime Minister, Shri. Manmohan Singh so wisely said in his opening Parliamentary speech , “ No power in the world can stop an ‘idea’ from happening, when the time is right !” You and I will both agree, that there can be no better time than this , when all of us should walk hand in hand towards Peace.

There is a universe, where our children can aim high, beyond the stars..where Dreams are born !

Twenty Twenty Cricket Dharamsala
Guru Arjan Devji

India News Alert :Under Floodlights..Himachal Cricket, 2009 !India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Himachal Twenty-Twenty Cricket, 16th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Crossing another milestone..the JP Cement Twenty-Twenty Cricket Tournament's final match between Poanta Sahib and Bitta XI, under the flood lights, concluded at the Dharamsala Stadium. Poanta Sahib emerged the winner among much cheering.

India News Alert:Fifth Sikh Guru, Shri Arjan Devji , 16th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

A Tribute to the Guru...On the Martyrdom Day of the fifth Sikh Guru, Shri. Arjan Devji, the Punjab Govt. has promised, 08 hours of power to the the farmers for an 'Ever Green' Punjab. The revered Guru, initiated the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The first brick was blessed by the hands of the famous Sufi saint, Mian Mir in the holy city of Amritsar, which also has special mention in the Hindu Epic 'Ramayana' as the city of 'Luv' & 'Kush' , the famous sons of Lord Rama.

Guru Arjan Devji, carried the vision of social reforms, as he believed, the doors of 'Rabh' (Almighty), were open for all. Community services of 'Kar Seva' and 'Langar' were his embodiment of Good 'Karma' and Service to the needy.

Tourism Conclave Himachal
Prof Dhumal HIM Tourism Conclave

India News Alert :Himachal Tourism Conclave, 2009 !India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Himachal Tourism..A Global Economy , 15th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Chief Minister, Prof. PK Dhumal inaugurated the four day " Himachal Tourism Conclave, 2009 in Shimla, sponsored by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Himachal Tourism. He emphasised the role of Himachal participation in promoting Global Economy. Spiritual, Cultural, Eco Adventure, Academic and Sports Tourism along with Health & Healing avenues for Tourism opportunities were reviewed. The Himalayan state was committed to improving the infrastructure along with sustainable tourism.

The conclave was attended by International dignitaries, Shri. Anand Sharma , Union Minister for Commerce & Industry and prominent Tourism fraternity members. Shri. Anand Sharma in promoting the State welfare, has ensured industrial packages which suits the environmental and community needs of the state.

India News Alert:Haryana's New Steps , 15th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Haryana Govt. is initiating new steps for community welfare. On World Anti-Child Labour Day, worker facilitation centers in Manesar, Gurgaon, were inaugurated, giving better access to social security, health care, skill upgradation and occupational safety to the Labour community. The Builder Community plays a crucial role in a country, currently in educational transition by giving, employment to skilled and unskilled labour.

Madrasas in India

India News Alert :Bridging the Gap !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Bridging the Gap-Haryana, Dharamsala, 11th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Haryana State Govt., is proposing to providing regular school education, in the 'madrasas' ( Spiritual Muslim Schools),along with their religious pursuit. This endeavour is in promoting the young to better job opportunities and bringing them in the main stream of today's society.

India News Alert:Bridging the Gap- Himachal Pradesh, Dharamsala, 11th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The CM of Himachal Pradesh, Prof. PK Dhumal, has emphasised his Govt.'s priority in making it 'People Friendly' in all its development policies. Upgraded Websites, for all the Departments and promotion of more grass root level jobs which, do not disturb the the Himalayan ecology and hinder the the State's progress.

India News Alert:Bridging the Gap- Punjab, Dharamsala, 11th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Punjab Finance Ministry, has shown interest in the public participation, in the proposed formation of the Budget 2009/10. The people can share their inputs on their website.

Saka Dawa Festival, Dharamsala
Vat Savitri Puja

India News Alert :Peace Journey of the Heart !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Saka Dawa Festival, Dharamsala, 08th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Because the heart has many paths leading to it, the Tibetan 'Saka Dawa Festival' celebrating the healing Buddha 'Sakyamuni', purifies the human soul. Animals are liberated, Alms and food are given to the needy along with chanting of sutras, prayer wheels,butter lamps and making sand mandalas.

India News Alert:Vat Savitri Festival, Dharamsala, 08th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Vat Savitri Festival during Guru Purnima, celebrates a blossoming family life. The women folks take fasts, tie threads around 'sacred vat trees' patronising 'Savitri' who freed her husband from the jaws of death. She immortalised her husband by her devotion to Lord Yama..the God of Death.

India News Alert:Lord Jagannath Chariot Festival, Puri, 08th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

On the golden beaches of Puri in Orissa, home to the famous Lord Jagannath Temple, the "Rath Yatra", started its auspicious journey for Peace and Prosperity. Millions of devotees and tourists added to the festivity of this august occasion.

Lord Jagannath Festival 2009

Barack Obama

India News Alert :Peace Journey of the Heart !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:A New Beginning ,Cairo, 07th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

All Peace journeys of our heart..need, a new beginning, where the Demons of the past can take us towards the Angels of Today. We, the human race with the faith of 'good humanity', can truelly bond as a Universal Family.

US President, Barack Obama was all honesty in his endeavour for Peace, in his recent historic visits to Cairo and Normandy. What we must remember is "all things need time to heal"..It is essential for the sake of our children, that each and everyone of us, as responsible Governments and Citizens, should work in unison for Universal Harmony and Goodwill!

India News Alert:Free Health Care,Punjab, 07th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Under the National Health Mission, Punjab, all students of Govt, and Govt.aided schools, are entitled to 'free cancer', congenital and rheumatic heart disease treatments. As per the kind initiative of of the Govt., this is available at PGI (Chandigarh) and Mohandai Oswal Hospital (Ludhiana).

" The best place to look for God is,in the heart of your heart."

...Sant Kabir Das (On his 611th Birthday).

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Farms of Punjab
Tourism Minister India 2009

India News Alert : Green Punjab !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Blessings of Sant Ramanand,Punjab , 05th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The last mortal remains of Sant Ramanand of Dera Sach Khand were honoured by the overwhelming love and reverence of all his followers at his state funeral in Punjab. On this 'World Environment Day', the Nation pays homage. We pray that the sacred blessings of the Sant, will nurture the evergreen soil of Punjab. This will inspire, the young to carry, the legacy of a 'Green Revolution' for our Nation.

India News Alert:Kitchen Sheds in Himachal , 05th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Kitchen Sheds for Mid-Day Meal preparations in public schools in Himachal are being facilitated for the school children.

India News Alert:A New Beginning..Kumari Shelja, 05th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Global Tourism is based on Peace , Harmony and most important Human interaction,Cultural exchange and building bridges among Nations and People. We were pleasantly surprised to see that our young and aspiring Tourism Minister of India, Kumari Shelja, from the lively state of Haryana, is breaking barriers of communication on her web-blog.

On 'World Environment Day 2009', we welcome and look forward to working in unity with the Tourism Ministry, for promoting Eco-Travel for sustainable Tourism, providing economy to the grass root levels of our country..India !

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Tragopan Himachal

India News Alert : Himalayan Tragopan !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Wildlife Initiatives , 04th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Wildlife authorities of Himachal Pradesh, having succesfully bred over two dozen rare species of Indian pheasants, including Himalayan Tragopan and Cheer, are embarking on a rehabilitation program for these endangered species.

India News Alert:'Nirjala Ekadashi', 04th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

'Nirjala Ekadashi', was celebrated all over India, where in harmony and brotherhood, chilled sweet water and fresh fruits were offered to all the travellers !

India News Alert:Himalayan 'Water Sports' Kashmir, 04th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

Police Water Sports event was held in the capital town of Srinager in evergreen Kashmir, in a bid to promote 'water sports' in this Himalayan state.

Himalayan Roses
Silk Farming Himachal

India News Alert : Indian Democracy..Roses & Thorns !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Soul of Democracy, 01st June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The soul of a thriving 'Democracy' is always, a good balance of 'politics with principles' and a 'healthy', assertive Opposition. A winning mandate along with the Opposition vote, represents, the aspiration and hope of all the people of our country. We welcome the new Parliament, 2009, in all its diversity. We have confidence that all the august members, who have been honoured, by the faith of the people of India, will contribute to the success of a thriving 'Democracy'.

The Beauty of a 'balance' like roses and thorns lies, in the Unity of Thought and Vision, of all the Leaders !

India News Alert:Himalayan Silk, 01st June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Central Silk Board of India has approved the silk mulberry cultivation welfare scheme, for the under privileged and backward hill communities of Himachal. This will promote economic sustainability by green agro-initiatives.

India News Alert:World Non-Tobacco Day, 31st May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Anti-smoking Awareness program were initiated in the Himalayas. The CM Prof. PK Dhumal urged the people to restrain from, excessive addictive habits for a Pollution-Free Himachal !

Parliament House India

India News Alert : India..Parliament of India !, 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Discovery India 2009 , 28th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The new Cabinet 2009, formed by the Govt. of India, reflects the colors of the diverse states of India. We wish the new Govt., a successful innings in maintaining Peace, Progress & Prosperity. We do believe that, all honourable Ministers, will always uphold the interest of the people and the integrity of the Nation.

India News Alert: Residential Primary Schools 2009 , 28th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, is taking the initiative of opening more residential primary schools, in the remote tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh. This will no doubt, help the local child, avail the facility of education, irrespective of their limited life style and far-away homes.

Veda India

India News Alert : India.."In my Wisdom lies the Knowledge of the Seers !" , 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert:Wishes and Prayers , 27th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Punjab CM, Shri Prakash Singh Badal today arranged for a Bhog and Akhand Path at the Golden Temple in Amritsar to pray for Peace for the departed soul of Sant Ramanand and speedy recovery of Sant Niranjan Dass of Dera Sach Khand. We pray for Eternal Peace in Punjab. We also wish that the teachings of all the spiritual 'Gurus' of our country, will represent India, as a leading Nation for spreading the message of Peace and Compassion.

India News Alert:Aila Cyclone, 27th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Our heartfelt sympathy for all those affected by the fury of the Aila Cyclone in Orissa and West Bengal. We pray for the Weather Gods to be in harmony soon and hope this will bring forward a more sensitive initiative for environmental conservation.

Himachal Handicraft
IPL 2009
Sri Lanka Buddha

India News Alert : Cheers for Deccan Chargers, IPL 2009!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: God dreams Bigger than US, 24th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

While it is kudos to Mr Lalit Modi, for his "never say die" spirit, one cannot refrain from applauding the South African Cricket Board for putting up a magnificient Sports Extravaganza at short notice ! The Deccan Chargers took the trophy, but there were no losers. The Tournament exhibited true sportsmanship, budding young talents and a passion for the game. Some of the down the rung teams, climbed Up from where, they can only hope to go higher. While IPL is dreaming of doing it twice in a year, on the Home turf and International, we the people of India are hoping to see, an India in all its diversity, by some more State teams and a Himalayan team joining make it a truelly Indian Premier League !!

India News Alert: Buddha Peace, Sri Lanka, 24th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Across the healing waters of Buddha..Sri Lanka, we pray for Peace and Prosperity. We have faith that an integrated humanitarian effort, will soon restore Progress and Harmony, in the lives of our Brothers and Sisters, on this beautiful Island of Buddha !!

Amarnath Cave Temple
Rajiv Gandhi

India News Alert : Ancient Amarnath Shiva Cave Temple!India Incredible,2009

India News Alert: Documentary 'Shiva Caves, Himalayas, 2009 !, India, 22th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

"Shiva", the Almighty Creator & Destroyer, dwells in the Universe in natural Caves of the Himalayas. The Sangeet Natak Academy will be making series of documentaries on " Caves of Shiva", in Himachal in the Himalayas.

India News Alert:Remembering a Prime Minister, 2009 !, India, 21st May, 2009, News Incredible India.

I could think of no better day than, on the death anniversary of our late Prime Minister, Shri Rajiv Gandhi and on the eve of a New Govt., to offer my Peace prayers for a 'Sleeping Mountain'. Peace and Progress are an essential pre-requisite for each other, which reflects in the words of the Tourism Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Shri Nawang Rigzin Jora, who has urged International tourists to visit Kashmir, as Global Peace Ambassadors !

With the innovative initiatives, taken by the the late Prime Minister for promoting 'Inbound Tourism', Shri. Rajiv Gandhi saw an 'Incredible India' promoting the Mahatma's Peace Message all over the Globe..and because all prayers are said with closed eyes, we have faith, this 'vision' will be fulfilled by an unified endeavour by the Tourism Industry and the New Government of India.

India News Alert:A Promise of Peace, Progress & Prosperity, 2009 !, India, 21st May, 2009, News Incredible India.

The beauty of this Mantra of 'Peace, Progress and Prosperity', is simply, that none of them can exist without each other. The people of Sikkim, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, the three states which went into Assembly Polls have shown renewed confidence in their Chief Ministers - Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling (SDF), Shri Navin Patnaik (BJD) and Shri YSR Reddy (INC). All the three Leaders took their oath among assurances of giving to their people a good governance of Peace, Progress and Prosperity !

Gaddi Shepherd Girl
anurag thankur

India News Alert : Gaddi Sheperd Girl, Chamba, Himachal!,2009

India News Alert: Anurag Thakur, A Young India, 2009 !, India, 20th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

Shri. Anurag Thakur, MP from Himachal Pradesh, a young and aspiring politician, has done the Mountain proud by, his assertive initiatives for promoting Sports in the Himalayan state. He is honoured now by, being a member of the select committee of the IPL Technical Committee and has been applauded for hosting, the State Twenty-Twenty Cricket Tournament. It is the obligation of any Nation, to carefully nurture the charismatic young leaders by, seasoned progressive mentoring. They are not only the lifeline of the party, but also the futuristic vision of our Nation. A blend of Experience and Youth promises, Peace and Prosperity around the Globe.

India News Alert: Art Exhibition, Dharamsala, 2009 !, India, 20th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

An Art Exhibition is being organised at the famous Kangra Art Gallery and Museum to promote the skills of young artists of the region.

PM and Sonia Gandhi

India News Alert : Namaste India, India Votes!,2009

India News Alert: An Indian Manifesto, 2009 !, India, 17th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

This Election 2009, was a very special election for us. As, different States went into vote, we were on our own, understanding the huge magnitude of this Incredible country, as we tried to offer, 'Glimpses of India' on our 'India because' page. The landscape of India, colorful and vivid represents the varied ethenic culture and religions, wherein lies the secular strength of our country.

A Young India, welcomes the Newly Elected Government of UPA, under the able hands of Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India and renowned economist. We are looking forward to a march of progressive Growth and Peace, under an experienced administrative policy which nurtures, sombre maturity and the vision of the young !

india news alert spiti

India News Alert :India Elections,2009, Spiti Tribal Ladies going to the Booth !2009

India News Alert: Start your India Miniguide Journey, India, 14th May, 2009, News Incredible India.

One of the world's largest Democracy..India, will soon be welcoming the new Government, 2009. An alive India which throbs with different communities, religious fervour, buzzing opinions, presents a vivid and vivacious panorama of human growth and development.

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