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India Taj News..Sweeping Global Changes..US Reform Bill..India Miniguide Archive 01, 2010..Click the graphic above !

Taj Mahal News.."Fly with the Himalayan Eagle",.India News Archive 2009..Click Here !

CWG Games, India

India Taj News.." Global Watch!",India 2010.

India News Live: " Building Bridges ",India News ,23 Sep, 2010

Whether it is the Healing touches in Kashmir, the countdown to the Commonwealth Games, 2010 in Delhi, India or any other event news..the Global Press needs a 'pat on the back', for their 'round-the clock' endeavour. For people living in remote areas or for 'common' people like us, who have not had an opportunity to 'travel', this is the only 'window' to the outside world !

We from the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh, would like to thank all the political parties for their collective sincere effort to bring in peace for the People of Kashmir. It goes without saying that without the Global Watch of the 'Media' the world today would not have an insight to 'Reality' !

We have faith that the Global Community of Media will always work together in bringing 'constructive' changes in Human society !

India Taj News.." Nadal..A Tennis Wizard !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Tennis..A Game of Nerves ",India News ,15 Sep, 2010

A Young Rafael Nadal at the age of just 24,become just the seventh man in tennis history to collect the career Grand Slam, in the US Open finals.

Nadal added to his only missing Major trophy by out-slugging a worthy and well prepared Novak Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2 in a rain-interrupted US Open championship match.

In the Women's Tennis final it was Kim Clijsters Day, as she won the Finals of the US Open.

India Taj News.." Dussehra Festival !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Gods & Goddesses ",India News ,14 Sep, 2010

'Dussehra' in India brings in the new rice harvest for the farmers. This festival is celebrated all over India and is a symbol of 'Victory over Evil'! From three days to a week long, rituals and prayers with a mood of festivity,highlights this major year end festival. Dussehra starts from 17th October, 2010 in India.

Wishing all our viewers "HAPPY DUSSEHRA, 2010 !"

India Taj News.." Finding Peace, New York !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Roses to Remember ",India News ,11 Sep, 2010

There can be no bigger Buddha than that of Universal Peace. Power and Religion can mean different things to different people. However, in the poignant memory of 9/11, we have faith that the Globe can walk together on the common path of 'good humanity' and 'peace'!

India Taj News.." Sunbathing for Fun !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Finding Joy in the Himalayas ",India News ,10 Sep, 2010

It has always been a fascinating kaleidoscope of scenic panaromas and buzzing lifestyles around us ..after the rains ! In the India Himalayas, the rains are as unpredictable as life itself.

The slush and wetness of sudden downpours, Shiva n thunder activates a crowded a flash you see the glimmer of the sun..a colorful rainbow, sparrows meeting appointments with old friends n' sunbathing on slate roofs for fun ! The ancient tribal traditions and prayers in the mountains, often foretell the important role of the weather Gods, in our daily chores of life !!

India Taj News.." Anant Chaudas !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Lord of Wealth & Happiness ",India News ,09 Sep, 2010

On 22nd September, 2010 the last day of Ganesh Mahotsav people fast and pray to Lord Vishnu for Wisdom., Wealth and Happiness. They immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha, in the holy waters of India.

India Taj News.." Ganesh Chaturthi !",India 2010.

India News Live: " Lord of Wisdom ",India News ,08 Sep, 2010

Ganesh Chaturthi is also known as 'Vinayaka Chaturthi' or 'Vinayaka Chavithi'. It is a very famous festival in India and is especially celebrated in a grand manner in Maharashtra, specially in Mumbai. It marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god. It falls this year on 11th September, 2010.

Fasts, Holy dips in the sacred waters of India, Chanting of 'mantras' is a week long rituals and tradition. The huge idols are then immersed in the water on the last day. Millions of people pray for wisdom and prosperity in their homes !

Wishing everyone in the Globe "HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI, 2010"!

India Taj News.." Eid..A Day of Compassion !", 2010.

India News Live: " A Prophet's Dream ",India News ,07 Sep, 2010

Eid ul Fitr, also known as Ramadan Id, is celebrated by Muslims across the world, at the end of the month of Ramadan. It signifies the breaking of the fasting period, with the sighting of new crescent moon in the evening, on the last day of Ramadan.

The significance of Id-ul-Fitr stems from the special meaning it holds for the entire Muslim community. Legend says that Prophet Mohammad had laid down Eid ul Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha as days of rejoicing and feasting for the Muslims, in the remembrance of Allah !

Another important aspect of Eid ul Fitr lies in the distribution of charity on the day. Every Muslim who has some means must pay Zakt-al-Fitr, a sum to be donated for the month of Ramadan, to impoverished Muslims. It can either be in the form of cash or basic foodstuff, including wheat, barley, dates, raisins etc. It is done to spare a thought to the plight of the poor and is different from the normal Zakat, which is given to purify one’s wealth. Holy Quran recommends giving donation to the poor on this auspicious day, the best time for which is before going to the mosque in the morning, to offer prayers.

Id-ul-Fitr is also a festival that fosters brotherhood and interactions, as people visit each other on the days of festivity. Friends, relatives and loved ones are greeted and offered sweets. Some scholars also believe that the month-long fasting is undertaken to acknowledge the superiority of the spiritual realm over the physical realm. Nevertheless, the spirit of conviviality surrounds the celebrations of Eid ul Fitr throughout the Islamic world.

"A good word is like a good tree whose root is firmly fixed and whose top is in the sky."..Holy Quran.

**We wish our dear Brothers n Sisters, "HAPPY EID, 2010 !" and may Allah bring Peace and Prosperity to all !

India Taj News.." Bhakti..A Young Mind !", 2010.

India News Live: " Udaipur..City of Lakes",India News ,04 Sep, 2010

'Bhakti'-( Spiritual Devotion), is truely an invention of the Gods and an awakening of the soul. Udaipur in the Royal state of Rajasthan is home to the legend of Meera Bai and the valour of Maharana Pratap Singh the Mewar ruler.

The IATO (Indian Association of Tour Operators) chose the City of Lakes..Udaipur as it's Annual Convention venue from Sep 02-05, 2010. We wish the state of Rajasthan and the Travel trade fraternity, success in promoting all the vibrant colors of the desert state of India.

For Spiritual India Holidays...Click Here !

India Taj News.." In my giving is the Eternal Song of Life !", 2010.

India News Live: " TATVA..Water down the Ganges ",India News ,01 Sep, 2010

The mystique of the Healing waters of India, have drawn many travellers to this country of ancient traditions and culture. Music is the language of the Heart, and in their songs, the 'Sacred Rivers of India' offer us the eternity of 'good humanity' and 'good karma'! Many of us travel our last journey here for the salvation of the soul. In the blessings of the 'holy water', is our 'Nirvana', when we merge with the Four Elements of the Universe !!

TATVA...Fusion Tour of the Four Elements,2010-11..Click the video below!

India Taj News.." Rakhi..A Symbiotic Life !", 2010.

India News Live: " For Peace and Progress ",India News ,Aug 18, 2010

Good parenthood, fosters 'good global citizens'. Friends and Lovers must help build self esteem in each other. Love n Laughter should co-exist with, faith n trust in any relationship. Many things can go wrong except honesty and truth which is always the right step for breaking barriers and building human associations.

The Rakhi Festival in India on 24th August, 2010 celebrates the brother-sister relations in Indian families. Sisters pray for the well being of their brothers, while tying the 'thread', in return for their protection.

India Taj News.." Ladakh Prayers !", 2010.

India News Live: " Flood of Leh ",India News ,Aug 07, 2010

The recent cloud burst in the Choglumsar area near the Leh city and surrounding villages of this Himalayan region in Ladakh (Kashmir), took a heavy toll of lives and herds. We wish and pray to Buddha, for calm and solace to all the affected families. We are hopeful that this unfortunate disaster will bring the people of Jammu & Kashnmir and the administrative authorities of the country 'together' in facing with courage this 'natural' calamity.

India Taj News.." China Floods..A Prayer !", 2010.

India News Live: 'Disaster Jilin', China,India News ,July 31, 2010

Our deepest sympathy and concern for the people of the northeast China's Jilin Province, affected by the recent flood and wrath of Mother Nature. While we pray for the receding waters to bring life back to normal, we also hope that in moments of human tragedy and natural disaster, the Global Community will stand together and offer their best endeavour !

India Taj News.." Modern Bargain Stories !", 2010.

India News Live: 'My Punchline..Say Goodbye to Sweets!,India News ,July 25, 2010

Love is the best ground for negotiation while, the best bargains in life are made by the heart and not by the head. There is many a belief that bargaining is part of modern day relationships while, the truth is this instinct is as primitive as Man himself.

One day we received a peanut bird feeder from a friend in UK with a message," to save the bird feed from the dogs ". Much amused, we put this feeder on the branch of the guava tree. While our Indian sparrows showed no interest, the English grey sparrows flocked and started feeding. There were many learning lessons for the young Indian sparrows and most importantly for us. Without the refill of the peanuts, numerous times in the day, the gracious English sparrows refuse to delight us with their chirping presence.

Morning lessons taught to us by our pet dog, who carved his way into our hearts as a stray puppy, are even more enlightening. My early newspaper with my morning cup of tea is not delivered by our young 'news boy', if by chance we have run out of much so on a rainy day, a delivery is followed by an expectation of a bonanza treat for all the hard work done!

Truely, much before us, animals learnt how to foster a relationship into permanence, where their love is often unapproachable without a price-tag !!

India Taj News.." Killing the Tiger Inside You !", 2010.

India News Live: 'My Punchline..Say Hello to the Tiger'!,India News ,July 19, 2010

The world today is an oyster, processing global change in its constant growth. 'Change' is an ongoing life-style, where each one of us can contribute to a healthy environment by the daily lessons of life.

Sit in your garden one day and learn the most basic lesson of survival from the camouflaging colors of the smart 'chameleon'. We cannot change the world..but, we can change ourselves and in doing so we create a Universe where all creatures blend in harmony !

The ever diminishing tiger population today, reflects the victory of the 'animal within us', which urges us to greed, conquer and control. For conserving the valuable flora and fauna of Mother Earth, we first need to save the human being within us. That 'human' which does not preempt us to meet each other with the bared fangs of a tiger, but which binds the Universe with Love , Hope and Care !

It is only when we open our hearts to compassion, we knock on the doorstep of 'divinity'. In doing so we gift to ourselves the precious treasure of a shared Universe, where in lies the path of 'immortality' !

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