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17th Karmapa, Dharamsala

India News Flash..Happy Birthday Wishes to HH 17th Karmapa of Tibet ! For Peace Journey of the Heart, Archive 02..Click Graphic Above.

Democracy India News..Archive 01, 2009..Click Here

Literature Himachal

India News Flash : India Literature, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Literature India..India Talks, 2009!, September 08th , 2009, News Incredible India.

Hon. Minister of Law and Justice launched , Anil Malhotra's book, " India, NRI & the Law". The book is aimed at helping millions of Indians across the globe. Veteran politician, Shri. Shanta Kumar of Himachal, released a book on the "Freedom Struggle of India", written by Mr Vinod Lakhanpal, in honor of the Indian Martyrs.

India News Flash: Billiards India..India Talks, 2009!, September 08th , 2009, News Incredible India.

Indian Cueist, Pankaj Advani won the World Billards Championship by deafeating Mike Russel in Leeds (UK). A feather in the cap for Young India.

Teachers Day 2009

India News Flash : Teachers Day, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Teachers Day..India Talks, 2009!, September 05th , 2009, News Incredible India.

"Teacher's Day", was celebrated all over India with children and elders both participating in this day of learning and appreciation for each other. While there are many lessons life teaches us, our school teachers play an important role in how we learn from our own experiences in life.

Corporate Cricket Dharamsala

India News Flash : Dharamsala Cricket, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Corporate Cricket, Dharamsala..India Talks, 2009!, September 03rd , 2009, News Incredible India.

The Corporate One Day Cricket Tournament started with fest and fan in this small Himalayan town of Dharamsala. The day and night matches saw many enthusiasts, who beat the rains to watch the thrilling matches.

Onam Festival India
Onam 2009

India News Flash : Onam Festival, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Onam, the Harvest Fest of Kerala..India Talks, 2009!, September 01st , 2009, News Incredible India.

It is Onam Festival in South India. The Harvest awaits the farmers of Kerala and the ten day festival is full of delicate cuisine of sambhar, rasam, parippu and the payasam. The houses and the courtyard is decorated with lamps and flowers to welcome Kerala's most loved legendary King Maveli (Mahabali). His spirit is believed to come and bless the people on Onam.

One of the most marvellous facets of Onam is the unfolding of its rich and well-established culture. Pulikali, Kaikottikali, Kummattikalli, Kathakali, Thumbi Thullal besides several other folk arts and traditions can be seen at one platform on Onam.

The famous 'Boat-ride Race' is also a major feature for the tourists visiting this region at this time. Onam is a passion of the people of Kerala and pride of India!

India News Flash: On the Winning Track..India Talks, 2009!, September 01st , 2009, News Incredible India.

..India makes history on the F1 track race as Force India driver Giancario Fisichella celebrated second position at the Belgium Grand Prix in Spa Francorchamps. Still a long way to go in this much enjoyed International sport, we wish Force India more success in the future.

..India wins the final of the Nehru Cup Football Tournament at the Ambedkar Stadium in New Delhi by beating Syria in the penalty shoot out..with football fast catching on in India, this should be an encouraging step for Young India !

Golden Temple Amritsar

India News Flash : Golden Tribute, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Remembering Sen. Ted Kennedy 2009..India Talks, 2009!, August 30th , 2009, News Incredible India.

...Because success is measured by not what we have achieved for ourselves but by what our life work has achieved for others. We remember Sen. Ted Kennedy (USA) in Peace and wish his soul unity with all those he loved.

India News Flash: Passions India 2009..India Talks, 2009!, August 27th , 2009, News Incredible India.

The New Foreign Trade Policy has been announced by the Government on Thursday. The new foreign trade policy is full of promises for providing enough support so that exports can witness a healthy growth.

Some among the highlights of the foreign trade policy, which were announced by the Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, include the extension of the duty-free export promotion scheme till 2010 end, special sops for labour-intensive sectors and zero duty on capital goods import.

For discovering India Heritage..Click on the Graphic Below !

Export India

Ladakhi Women 2009

India News Flash : Ladakhi Women, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Ladakh Festival 2009..India Talks, 2009!, August 27th , 2009, News Incredible India.

The Ladakh Festival will bring in many adventure sports activities along with cultural tourism delights from 01st Sep - 15th Sep, 2009. The J & K Tourism Dept hopes to lure an ongoing tourist season for this beautiful mountain valley and its ever smiling folk !

India News Flash: Dal Lake Fair, Dharamsala (HP) 2009..India Talks, 2009!, August 27th , 2009, News Incredible India.

The Dal Lake Fair has started with a lot of fun and fare near Macleoganj, Dharamsala (HP). The ancient Shiva Temple will be resounding with the mantras and frolic of many devotees.

Renew Energy Himachal

India News Flash : Himachal Renewable Energy, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Himachal Renewable Energy..India Talks, 2009!, August 25th , 2009, News Incredible India.

Union Renewable Energy Minister, Shri. Farooq Abdullah paid a visit to the Himalayan state and had a meeting with CM, Prof. PK Dhumal to plan solar energy green initiatives for the future. The state will convert certain cities into 'solar city' and some of the Agricultural Universities and Institutes will go 'solar' in the coming days. A green drive worth the right direction !

Ganesh Festival India
Ganesha Blessings 2009

India News Flash :"HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI", 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Lord Ganesha's Blessings..India Talks, 2009!, August 23rd , 2009, News Incredible India.

The famous Lord Ganesha's Festival has started with great faith and blessings all over the country. A new beginning..a new relationship and a new hope for Peace and Prosperity around the Globe.

We wish every global friends..."HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI, 2009 !"

Holding the World 2009

India News Flash :"Holding the World", 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Rajiv Gandhi Remembered..India Talks, 2009!, August 22nd , 2009, News Incredible India.

On his 65th birth anniversary, the late PM of India, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi was fondly remembered by all, in the celebration of 'Urja Diwas" carrying forward his vision of a Green India.

A 'Sadhbhavana Diwas' promoting goodwill, peace and brotherhood among all was also organised in the Himalayan state. DC, Nandita Gupta of Bilaspur district administered the oath of National Integration and Unity for the Nation.

Freedom India 2009

India News Flash :"Freedom Varanasi, 'Batuks' (Vedic Students) with the Indian Flags, 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Freedom Himachal India Talks, 2009!, August 15th , 2009, News Incredible India.

Prof PK Dhumal, CM of Himachal Pradesh and Smt. Prabha Rao, Governor of Himachal felicitated the spirit of the freedom fighters on India's Independence Day. They highlighted the great sacrifice of the martyrs and said that "freedom which has been so bravely fought, should always be honored and valued by all proud Indians !

meera bai 2009

India News Flash :"It is true Faith has no Eyes, we are both blinded,You by your Power and I by my Divine !"..Legend of Meera Bai, Rajasthan 2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: "Janamashtami ",Dharamsala, 2009!, August 14th , 2009, News Incredible India.

Whether it be the Sacred Teachings of the Gita or the spirituality of Radhe-Krishna, it would be impossible to walk down the path of Spiritual India without understanding the Universal Passion of Lord Krishna. As India celebrates the birth of Krishna, on 'Janamashtami' , we all can welcome 'Krishna' in our hearts as children who in their innocence, often capture the Spirit of the Almighty !

Forest House, Himachal

India News Flash :Van Mahotsav, Hamirpur ,2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: "Van Mahotsav ",Dharamsala, 2009!, August 11th , 2009, News Incredible India.

The CM of Himachal Pradesh, Prof. PK Dhumal inaugurated the 60th 'Van Mahotsav' on the NIT campus in Hamirpur. He stressed the need to propagate proper after 'plantation' care of the saplings. He said, " Even if 50% of the plants survive by proper care and nourishment, the hills would be green and fresh. This is an Himalayan endeavour towards increasing green cover in the state!"

India News Flash: Sadbhavana Yojna,Bilaspur, 2009!, August 11th , 2009, News Incredible India.

DC of Bilaspur, Smt. Nandita Gupta, emphasized the vital role of the youth in eradicating social evils and promoting National and State Welfare schemes.

Raksha Bandhan 2009 India

India News Flash : " Raksha Bandhan ",2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Raksha Bandhan,Dharamsala, 2009!, August 05 , 2009, News Incredible India.

"Raksha Bandhan" was celebrated all over India where sisters tie the holy 'rakhi'(Thread) on her brother's hand and pray for his good health and happiness. The brother in turn promises to protect her and share her happiness and joy in life. An ancient tradition still prevails in this Holy nation.

Green Himachal

India News Flash : " Herbal Himachal ",2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Monsoon Green Himachal,Dharamsala, 2009!, August 03rd , 2009, News Incredible India.

Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayan state of North India goes green by the CM, Prof PK Dhumal launching the Herbal Scheme to add more green cover. Various plant and fruit saplings is being distributed through the JFMCs (Joint Forest Management Committees) and local community participation is encouraged for this green drive.

India News Flash: Ancient Goddess 'Gaja Laskshmi',Kashmir 2009!, August 03rd , 2009, News Incredible India.

An ancient stone sculpture of Goddess 'Gaja Lakshmi' has been found in the old spring of Nagabal Lesser village of Kokernag region of South Kashmir, a reflection of the Gandhara Art of the Kashmir Valley.

Mehendi Monsoon 2009

India News Flash : " Monsoon Mehendi Flash ",2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Monsoon Mehendi,Dharamsala, 2009!, August 01st , 2009, News Incredible India.

Not withstanding the mud and the splash, there are many things one cannot forget about an Indian Monsoon. Along with the call of the 'Koel', the wedding season is on and 'mehendi' decorated hands, somehow change the colors of the day and season ! Many 'mehendi' competitions are being held in the Himalayan valley and it is good to see the young and the old indulging in artistic splurges !!

India News Flash : " Visit INDIA ",2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: 'Inbound' India..Boundless, 2009!, July 31st , 2009, News Incredible India.

The Tourism Minister, Kumari Selja is prosposing a discussion with the officials of the Indian Tourism Offices abroad, to discuss the Marketing spectrum for 'Inbound' Tourism to India. This initiative is an encouraging step towards promoting 'India' Destination for the coming Commomwealth Games 2010 !

India News Flash: A Tribute to A Martyr, Shaheed Udham Singh of Punjab ! , July 31ST, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Nation pays tribute to the memory and spirit of Shaheed Udham Singh, the Son of Punjab, who sacrificed his life for the country.

Nag Panchami India

India News Flash :'Nag-Panchami 2009', Snake Festival, Vrindavan (UP),2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Remembering The Lord of the Snake Kingdom..'Naga Panchami', 2009!, July 28, 2009, News Incredible India.

"Nag-Panchami", 2009, was celebrated all over India with the on-start of the Monsoon season. Childhood Legends, Mythological myths..all teach us, to value this ancient reptile, for keeping the valuable environmental balance, with Mother Nature.

The Kargil War Heroes
Bill Gate India 2009

India News Flash :Himachal High..Kargil Heroes,2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Remembering the Heroes of Kargil, 2009!, July 26, 2009, News Incredible India.

A decade to remember..The Nation pays homage to the Kargil Martyrs who laid their lives for the Motherland, India. A legacy of courage, dedication and will power to fight for Peace on Mother Earth will carry on generations ahead. A salute to the Sons of India !

India News Flash: Award India Bill Gates, 2009!, July 26, 2009, News Incredible India.

Microsoft genius, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was conferred, the Indira Gandhi Award for Peace by Indian Prime Minister, Shri. Manmohan Singh on his visit to India.

A human network working for the betterment of mankind, where health care, is a major Global challenge in the 21st century.

Fruits of Himachal

India News Flash :Himachal High..Eco Fruit Trade,Himachal,2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Deluxe Connectivity, Himachal, 2009!, July 24, 2009, News Incredible India.

Shri. Narendra Singh Thakur, Transport Minister of Himachal Pradesh, has inaugurated the new Volvo Deluxe Bus service between Mandi to Delhi. More luxury buses are being introduced on the major Touristic routes along with better rail shelter and coffee huts near the bus stations. The Tourism infrastructure would benefit a considerable amount, by deluxe bus connectivity between major towns of Himachal Pradesh like..Dharamsala, Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Mandi, Hamirpur, etc. We look forward to this initiative.

India News Flash: International Airport and Night Landing at Kangra Airport, Himachal, 2009!, July 24, 2009, News Incredible India.

A feasibility study conducted by the Central and State Govt., for an International Airport in Gaggal (Kangra), will usher a new era of International Tourism and Good Economy for the local communities of the State and the Country. Night landing facilities in all the major domestic airports of the state will be an added asset for better aerial connectivity between the major regions of the Himalayan state.

India News Flash:Eco Friendly Trade & Commerce, Himachal, 2009!, July 24, 2009, News Incredible India.

Under the initiative of the Union Trade & Commerce Minister, Shri. Anand Sharma and the behest of the Himachal State Commerce Minister, Shri Krishan Kapoor, Eco-Friendly Industry is finding a new impetus. A delegation from the center will visit the state capital for surveying the all famous Horticulture, Fruit & Winery avenues for Eco Trade Development.

Diamond Ring Solar Eclipse 2009
Surya Namaskar 2009

India News Flash :Diamond Ring, Celestial 'Surya' Eclipse,Holy City Benares,2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: "Surya Tatkar"(Dance in the Sunlight), 2009!, July 23, 2009, News Incredible India.

Whether it is the Art frescoes of Khajuraho, the 'Devdasi' tradition in the Temples or, the Legend of 'Meera Bai's' Bhajans (Devotional Hyms), art in India is a 'soul searching' spiritual peak. The 'Surya Namaskar', is a tribute to the Life Giving Energy of the Sun God. Our Spiritually Energizing Holiday - "Surya Tatkar" 2009, is a Travel ode to the Divine artforms of Spiritual India exploring, the bond of Man,Nature and the Celestial Gods !

India News Flash: Rural Development, Himachal,2009!, July 23, 2009, News Incredible India.

Rural Development Minister, Shri Jai Ram Thakur of Himachal Govt; has emphasized the need for integrated planning to ensure that, the benefits of the 'Rural Schemes' should reach the deserving poor and needy in the Himalayan state.

India News Flash: A Women's Train, India,2009!, July 23, 2009, News Incredible India.

Smt. Mamta Banerjee, the New and energetic Union Railway Minister has recently inaugurated the first 'Women Train' in India. A welcome initiative for the security and ease of female commuters.

Barack Obama Baseball 2009

India News Flash :US President Barack Obama throws first pitch, at Major League Baseball,St. Louis, USA ,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: "Music in the Skies 2009!, July 18, 2009, News Incredible India.

"An energised body, can race against the wind, can swim against the current, climb the highest peak and still listen to "The Music in the Skies !"

Our Spiritually Energizing Holiday, "Music in the Skies", explores the Himalayan Health and Healing traditions of the Himalayas for a healthy 'Body', 'Mind' and 'Soul'. For more contact us :

India News Flash..Dharamsala Miniguide, 2009 !

Hillary Clinton 2009

India News Flash:Welcome Hillary India Smiles, 2009 !, July 18, 2009, News Incredible India.

We welcome US Secretary of State, Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton in her visit to India, endorsing her commitment, to an International agenda, of better Indo-US ties. The focus of her endeavour, will feature, Global Unity for Peace efforts along with an unified vision of Trade & Economy for India and Unites States of America.

India News Flash: Digital Moniteering of Himachal Forests, 2009 !, July 18, 2009, News Incredible India.

The State Govt. of Himachal Pradesh will use the IT Technology - GIS, to protect and manage the State's rich Forest resources.

Yak Himalaya Ride, Himachal
Orissa Tribal Saree

India News Flash :Enjoy Yak Ride in India Himalayas,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: J-8 Meet in Rome..Orissa Tribal Girl Smile India!, July 14, 2009, News Incredible India.

Among the 52 youngsters from the Global family, a young tribal girl from Orissa India, attended the J-8 Summit in Rome and met prominent Global leaders. An initiative of UNICEF, it reflected an emerging youth force of the future. The young teenager is from the tribal region of Koraput in Orissa State, which is famous for its colorful culture, jewellery and hand woven, Koraput sarees. A step-up, for doing Young India proud!

India News Flash: Highways Go Green, Himachal!, July 14, 2009, News Incredible India.

Under the Prime Minister's National Development Scheme, the Himachal PWD Dept. is, proposing good connectivity by a National network of roads in the State. The Himachal National highways, will be green soon, by tree plantation drive on both sides of the road giving a scenic drive to the Green Valleys !

Music in the Mountains, Himalayas
Himachal Pradesh FM

India News Flash :Music in the Himalayas ,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: BIG 91.9FM from Shimla, Himachal !, July 12, 2009, News Incredible India.

Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister Himachal,launched the First BIG 91.9 FM Radio Station in private sector from Shimla by, switching on the transmission button. Speaking on the occasion Chief Minister, said that radio had been the most powerful mode of information and entertainment in hill stations, like Himachal Pradesh, keeping in view its difficult topography. Maintaining the glorious past of the radio, the tradition of information and entertaining people around the Globe, will be eternal. The first radio station was started way back, on July 23, 1927 by the then Governor General, Lord Irwin from Mumbai.

India News Flash: Infrastructure Committee, India !, July 12, 2009, News Incredible India.

Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh has constituted a Cabinet Committee, on Infrastructure Development for the country. Under his august Chairmanship, this endeavour will be assisted by relevant Ministeries like.. Finance, Agriculture, Railways, Transport, Urban & Poverty Alleviation, Housing, Shipping and among others, Renewable Energy.

PM Manmohan at G8

India News Flash :Finding Global Solutions..PM, Gordon Brown(UK) with PM, Shri Manmohan Singh (India) ,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: G-8 Summit, 2009 at L'Aquila, Italy!, July 09, 2009, News Incredible India.

Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Manmohan Singh is attending the G-8 Summit in Italy. He will be sharing his views on major Global issues of Climate Change, Global Meltdown, Peace & Economic Growth. Primary to the agenda are India's endeavour in UNSC family and the role of major emerging economies, in Global solutions to a 'Green Future'!

India News Flash: Green Symposium, Himachal Pradesh !, July 09, 2009, News Incredible India.

A Green symposium, on the rational use of fungicides, was held in the Agriculture University (Solan)(HP). Organised by, the Indian Society of Mycology & Plant Pathology, the discussion featured on the need to adopt, biological control methods, for the protection of the crops in India.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Memoirs

India News Flash :Dancing His Way To Heaven,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Michael Jackson..A Tribute !, July 07, 2009, News Incredible India.

There are few, who can transcend Time in what we do, Michael Jackson's music was yesterday, today and tomorrow ! For us in the 80's, young as we were, his vitalizing energy..was the 'Spirit of America' , itself. In the world's addiction to his creative frenzy, we saw a vision, which was not shackled by any cultural and social boundaries. What remains today however, is a touching lesson for all of us , Global family of fans. Sometimes in all our glorified adulation, those we have loved the most, we often leave them alone, in the isolation of their success. For the many times, he danced his way into our hearts, we put our faith in the best of his attributes...His Music. A fitting tribute, to the genius of Michael Jackson, would be ensuring a legacy of emotional and financial security to His Children of Neverland. That Iam sure, would make the King of Pop..Dance His way upto Heaven !!

India News Flash: Fish Food, Himachal !, July 07, 2009, News Incredible India.

In Patlikhul Trout Farm, near Kullu, will be soon manufacturing high quality fish feed for which can be distributed to all the Trout farms in Himachal and other States of India.

Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts
Tipa School, Dharamsala

India News Flash :"Special Birthday Wishes to His Holiness, The Dalai Lama of Tibet,TIPA-2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Birthday Special..HH Dalai Lama !, July 05, 2009, News Incredible India.

Special Birthday Celebrations, herald the august occasion of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, on His Birthday, July 06th, 2009 in Dharamsala (HP), India.

A Himalayan Cultural Bonanza can be witnessed at TIPA (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts) auditorium, to mark the rejoicing of the Himalayan people. The program is a joint effort of 'Amar Ujjala' Daily and TIPA, with many other sponsors joining in to celebrate this happy moment.

India News Flash: Free Treatment at IGMC, Shimla, Himachal !, July 05, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Health Ministry of Himachal Govt. under the Rogi Kalyan Samiti initiative, will provide free treatment to emergency patients in the first crucial 24 hours of medical care, at the Indra Gandhi Medical College (IGMC), Shimla. Under the chairmanship of Shri Rajiv Bindal, Health Minister, expansion programs for better health care facilities, are also scheduled in the coming days.

Rajiv Gandhi Setu, Mumbai 2009

India News Flash :"Shri Rajiv Gandhi Setu Bridge",Mumbai,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: Bandra-Worli Sea Link..Mumbai , 2009..!, July 03, 2009, News Incredible India.

A New Dawn for Mumbia, India..Shri Rajiv Gandhi Setu Bridge, 2009

A new dawn !..midnight laser shows, music bands filled this 'City of Dreams'. The Rajiv Gandhi Setu Bridge, a marvel in Indian traffic has opened for the public at midnight on 30th June, 2009. The spectacular Bandra-Worli Sea Link is really a dream come true for the public. This 08 Lane Sea Link was specially, inaugurated by Shrimati Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of UPA (United Progressive Alliance).

India News Flash: A Green Himachal..Green Poly Houses, 2009..!, July 03, 2009, News Incredible India.

The Himachal Govt., is promoting Green Poly House Scheme, enabling many farmers, horticulturists and florists to develop this new technology into green employment and economy.

Fashion Bags
Gucci Designs

India News Flash :" Style Tips from Style Gurus ! ",Himachal Pradesh ,2009!,India Incredible,2009

India News Flash: High on Fashion, INIFD,Hamirpur (HP),2009, July 02, 2009, News Incredible India.

The newly opened regional center of International Institute of Fashion Design - INIFD, in Hamirpur (HP), is getting a fresh high on Fashion designs by Italian Style Gurus, visiting the India Himalayas. The students will benefit by the "know-how" imparted to them, on Textile Designing and Fashion accessories, of renowned International brands !!

India News Flash: A Roof for ALL, 2009..!, July 02, 2009, News Incredible India.

Smt. Kumari Selja the Tourism, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Minister of Govt. of India, is proposing to develop a legal framework which would give 'Roof to ALL', in the country for all the states. Land and Housing will be made available to all the needy and also the urban poor. A vision which would give to the world.. a model 'slum-free' Nation !

My Fair Lady Play
Kabil Sibal, HRD Minister

India News Flash :"My Fair Lady", Gaiety Theatre, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh ,2009! ,India Incredible,2009

The historic Gaiety Theatre in Shimla, will find its way back to its Golden Era with the conclusion of the restoration work. The Theatre was thrown open to the public with euphoria over buzzing drama and art. Amenities like an Art Gallery, a Museum, a multi-purpose Hall and an Amphitheatre..will be the new highlights.

India News Flash: Educating the Heart & Mind , 2009..!,30th June, 2009, News Incredible India.

The new HRD Union Minister, Shri Kapil Sibal, has shown great vision in understanding the educational needs of a 21st century India. "Expansion, Inclusion & Excellence", is the new 'Mind Mantra', for taking the academic growth of the country further. Some of the exciting proposals coming forward truelly, reflect a concern..coming straight from the Heart, for not only the educational needs of the young, but also reducing 'stress levels', for all.

Making the 10th standard, a school level exam, makes sense as there can be better focussing by the young on professional oriented programs. Some other reforms which, require attention and interest are..more flexible grading systems, privatising and ushering high value education in Rural India. More International, Domestic Universities and Institutions for Higher Special Education, along with Students Grants and Scholarships, as per Merit and economic status, will be an added asset.

We look forward to a "Vibrant India" , in all the States of our Nation, benefiting and working 'together', for the Future of the Young !!

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