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India Travel News.." Salute to the New Sun..2013 !"

India News.." The sacred fruit..2013 ! "

" A Universal Blessing .! ", 14th March,2013

From days of the Gods n Goddesses, who blessed the mortals and often tested their devotion to them..the coconut was blessed as the sacred fruit which could be offered at the altar of the Mother Goddess, as a manifestation of bowing your head to the Supreme. 

The sacred coconut today, has gathered many around its plantation..revered for its holy tradition and enjoyed in Indian homes on the dining table in all its different flavors..!

India News.." The Acts of Karma..2013 ! "

" Tell, never teach a story.! ", 06th March,2013

The art of story telling is, an important stage in a child's life. The ancient sages of India considered it to be the blessing of Goddess Saraswati, taught without teaching, it nourished the mind and the heart alike. 

Once a successful trader, left his valuable iron balance in the care of his friend, when he went out of the village for trade. Years later when he returned a wealthy man, he asked his friend to return his iron balance back to him. His friend a greedy man told him that the mice had eaten the balance while it was in the store. The trader smiled in amusement at the white lie and told his friend to send his son with him, to his house as he had brought a gift for him. When he reached his home with his friend's son, he locked him in the store.  His worried friend asked him, where his son was ? The trader replied that a hawk had carried off his son on their way to his home !

It is unbelievable said his friend..the trader said, it is as true as the mice eating his iron balance. 

Never do to others,  what you would not like them, to do to you..!

India News.." Walk on a rainy day..2013 ! "

" Walk the Talk.! ", 12th Feb,2013

India in the monsoons, Goa, Rajasthan, Dharamsala all, have their moments of humor and shared is amazing how generous we can be with our pets, sometimes even sharing our best rain boots !

 News.." Hot Flavors of India..2013 ! "

" Green Hues.! ", 07th Feb,2013

The taste of green chillies in Indian cuisine either as a flavoring ingredient or as a salad accompaniment, is symbolic of the green flavors of India. Full of vitamins and minerals, if de-seeded and eaten in moderate quantity, green chillies are a digestive asset in any meal.

Something which binds the whole of India, are the hot green pickles, suntanning in the Indian home porches ! 

India Travel News.." Questions on Eternity..2013 ! "

" Lessons of Life.! ", 02nd Feb,2013

There was a rabbit who would often from behind his tree burrow, deep in the forest listen to the conversation of all the people who would come there for a nature walk..he heard " Indeed the heritage of Rajasthan cannot be forgotten, the beaches and Bon Jesus,  Goa, Dharamsala each memorable for its own..."

The Rabbit decided he wanted to understand the mystery of Eternity which could never be erased from the cycle of life. He sat beside his favorite river which had been there for centuries. He asked her, " You have been flowing from eons, can you tell me how you have captured the passage of time ?" and so the river sang to him many songs, often that of wisdom and sometimes of just sheer humor. The rabbit waited in his quest, hoping to get an answer. Seasons passed and yet there were no answers. Finally he once again queried the river, who only smiled and said, " Don't worry you will reach there..!"

Eternity cannot be framed in a watch, it has to dwell in your heart..!!

India Travel News.." Legend of the Snake. India ..2013 ! "

" Sacred Shrine, Nagini Mansa Devi Temple..! ", 31st January,2013

One of the most revered Snake shrines in India, the Nagini Mansa Devi Temple in the hills of Haridwar in Uttarakhand is a fine example of snake devotion. The legend tells us that the shrine is dedicated to the Snake Goddess..who was the sister of the Serpent King Vasuki. She was married to the sage Jagatkaru and was the mother of Astika.  He  fulfilled the wish of his ancestors to carry the family name and also freed the snakes from the destruction of the King Janamejaya in his yagna.

She is worshipped by her devotees for fulfilling all their wishes.

India Travel News.." Birds of the Himalayas ..2013 ! "

" Pied Woodpecker..! ", 28th January,2013

The Himalayan Pied Wood pecker is found in the forests of the Indian Himalayas and Nepal. Deep inside the forest many a time the woods are ringing with the pecking sound of the woodpecker who are is busy making their nest. This ancient bird is a true habitat of the woods as its very home is carved out of a hollow in a tree, which is later used by other birds also once the chicks have grown and flown away.

India Travel News.." Himalayas ! Smitten by Cricket ..2013 ! "

" 05th ODI  in Dharamsala..! ", 27th January,2013

The Himalayas today in Dharamsala is buzzing with the music of the willow and the ball. The 05th One Day International cricket match between India and England can be enjoyed with the blessings of the Sun, the drifting Clouds, meditating Mountain peaks and above all the smiling crowd to cheer this challenge on a green pitch.


India Travel News.." The Touch of the Divine ..2013 ! "

" From Big to Small..! ", 24th January,2013

The common squirrel once, eons away, when Shri Ram the Prince of Ayodhya was crossing the ocean to rage the Epic war of the Ramayana, a bridge over the flowing waters had to be constructed. The squirrel was doing its bit by collecting the sand by its snout to add to the pile. 

Shri Ram was very touched to the soul by this effort. In a loving caress he stroked the squirrel, thus gifting it with  beautiful stripes.

It does not matter how big or small you are..if the effort is big and from your soul..the touch of the Divine will always dwell in your heart..!!

India Travel News.." Spiritual Highs on a Daily Run..2013 "

"Mumbai n Mundane ? ! ", 16th January,2013

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra which wakes up every day with Ganesha and news breaking headlines in India news! There is little in Mumbai which even while hovering on the ordinary, does not in some way touch that essential chord in all of us which tells us everyday "to go for it".

India Travel News.." A Colorful Journey..2013 "

"Onward Flight ", 14th January,2013

The butterfly was by birth passionate about the wanted its journey to be a rainbow of asked the Moon for a light which could in its flight color even the darkest moments on Earth. The stars gave it the color of bliss, smile and laughter. However it still wanted the romance of the Earth, which could give it Eternity..

..So the Sun gifted it the Garden of Marigold. There was honey which only the bees could sweeten, there was sunlight which always needed a tomorrow and above all there was saffron which could breathe life in all !

India  News.." Spiritual Marathon..2013 "

"Born again ", 12th January,2013

.." You need to be born again to belong to the religion of my God ". But, said the roaming Brahmin boy in his quest for salvation and answers, " This is going to be a long walk, I have been by the theory of re-incarnation being born again and again and again..when am I going to be free of this life cycle.?

..When your breath runs out of steam and you roam with empty pockets, then you will lose the wish to be born again ! Salvation is a degree, only attainable in the absence of all desire..!!

India Travel News.." Welcome to Incredible India..2013 "

" Dancing to the New Beat", 09th January,2013

Indeed, from the history of the 'Kohinoor' to the Eternity of the Taj Mahal, India news can, even while touching the mighty Himalayas remind us of the very obvious earth beats of change which have made India truly incredible, to all. 

There is within us all the art of tradition, the soul of  divinity but most of all, what strikes a chord is, the ability to move ahead and keep with the pace of time..!

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