Dharamsala News,Dalai Lama,Gandhi,Ajmer Sharif,Jama Masjid,Ganga,Sai Shirdi Baba,Spiritual India News..OM!

Dharamsala News..For a Spiritual India Tour..Music in the Skies...Click the video above !

Dharamsala News..Spiritual India, 'Mirror Mirror shining bright, Archive 03,India, 2010..Click Here !

Energizing Holidays,Archive 02,2010..Click Here !

India Taj News..Sweeping Global Changes..US Reform Bill..India Miniguide Archive 01, 2010..Click Here!

Taj Mahal News.."Fly with the Himalayan Eagle",.India News Archive 2009..Click Here !

Lohri Festival, North India

News Dharamsala.." Lohri..Brotherhood & Light of Punjab 2011"

India News Live: "A New Beginning",2011

A New Dawn of 2011,..brings in the message of Joy,Prosperity,Brotherhood and Peace.."HAPPY LOHRI" to all and may it usher 'green harvest' to the robust n hard working people of Punjab, India.


News Dharamsala.." Lattice of Memories 2010"

October Autumn, Indian Sari

India News Live: "October Hues",2010

Moments are meant to be captured... Sometimes under a traveling pen... Sometimes in the spilled colors of the brush... Sometimes focused in the eye of a lens and almost always in the depths of your heart.

'Autumn Hues' of October were rewarded their laurels by a generous Libra Sun, emitting silk green lustre on an old Sari which saw the light of the day, after being closed in a trunk for fifteen years.

Unfolding a Calendar of Moments precious in their sweet reality and the drifting seasons of the Clock(2010)!

Foreign Tourists, Vidya Niwas
Stray Dog Adopted, Dharamshala

News Dharamsala.."A Young Globe at your Doorstep(January)"

India News Live: "January Blues", 2010

'January Blues' soon disappeared with morning Sunshine, Laughter and Gaiety of the Globe, gathered all for a wholesome countryside breakfast! Digging into homemade Porridge, scrambled eggs and hot sausages with melting honey on the toast left a lasting flavor on the taste buds.

Together with that it was a contented Heart which saw our stray puppy, Baby Bojo losing his initial street look!

Birds of India
Hot Coffee, India

India News Live: "Waiting for Spring(February)"

India News Live: "A Lingering Winter" 2010

The heart will remember India with its own song, like we do 'a hot cup of Latte in Winter'!

Snakes, India

India News Live: "March Madness with Special Friends!"

Butter Lamps, Dharamshala
Family Love

India News Live: "April Alit"

India News Live: "April Showers" 2010

Sudden as they are, 'April Showers are a Bliss!'

Merry May, Butterfly

India News Live: "Merry May"

June in Vidya Niwas Garden
Vidya Niwas, Dharamsala

India News Live: "June Blossoms"

India News Live: "World Cup Joys", June, 2010

June,..a rush of young blood, sipping herbal tea watching the soccer games.

July Drops

India News Live: "July Raindrops"

India News Live: "Cultivating the Love" 2010

'Monsoon Joys' for green fingers and a Garden of Roses...

Animal Care, Vidya Niwas India
Night Garden, Vidya Niwas

India News Live: "August..What Love n Care can do..Bobo !"

India News Live: "Blosssoms" 2010

'Raat Ki Rani'..the Scent of India and the Night Queen on a midnight stroll, under the Autumn Moon !

Himalayan Eagle, Dharamsala
Birthday Dharamsala

India News Live: "September..A Quest for the Sky!"

India News Live: "Together" 2010

Come September,..we will bid adieu to the Rains !

India News Live: "October..Story time for the buds to bloom!"

India News Live: "" 2010

October,..Energy at its best with a health diet !

Roses Roses India
India Family

India News Live: "November..Warm Hugs n Roses to keep the Chill away!"

India News Live: "" 2010

November and the Bashful Teens, which even while shivering in the cold, refuse to accept that Winter is at the door !

December Himalaya India
Merrygold India Flower

Dharamsala News: "December..The Last Sunset of the Year, 2010!"

India News Live: "" 2010

December Dusk casting dark shadows..2010's Last Salute to the Himalayas !


Christmas India

Dharamsala News.." Jingle Bells!"

India News Live: " Christmas Time",10th Dec, 2010

The panaroma of Gandhi's India, covers a vibrant landscape of many festivals, communities and Gods. We wish all our valued surfers ,the healthy glow of winter sunshine, the carefree laughter of childhood and the warmth of true friendship ! "MERRY CHRISMAS, 2010 !!"

The holy Ganges
Childs Say..Argue for right

Dharamsala News.." Meeting of Black n White !"

India News Live: " Finding Solutions..Breaking Barriers",10th Dec, 2010

A few years ago, when we had just finished the construction of our home, Vidya Niwas, we were visited by our foreign friend with her two daughters. While the elder one and her mother were fluent in English, the younger one being bred in Austria could not speak in English or Hindi. My younger daughter and she however managed to break the language barrier and were soon thick as thieves ! They were sharing in a way, which only they knew..secrets, stories, games,even recipes & latest Dharamsala news!

In the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, at the sacred shrine of Devprayag, the black sediment river of Alakananda and the heavenly fountainhead of the pure Ganges, the Bhagirathi, meet to carry on their forward journey to serve mankind.

Dharamsala News.." Solutions come from the victory of many battles of the Mind and the Soul. It is important that Nations and its people, find their own solutions and meet to talk...more so when the cause is bigger than the individual !"

" A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him! "...Swami Chinmayananda.

News Dharamsala..Follow the trail of the Ganges..Spiritual India..Click Here !
Clouds Himalaya

Dharamsala News.." To catch a drifting Cloud!"

Dharamsala News Live: "Sweet n Sour Moments",04th Dec, 2010

Man, in his urge to conquer, can do impossible achievements..we can climb the highest mountain, we can tame a tiger and we can rule a kingdom..but, it is inevitable that the Divine in the passing of time, reminds us all of our human mortality.

Human relationships, are like the drifting clouds! You cannot hold or touch them. Every passing season, the sweet n sour moments with your loved ones, calendars the evergreen eternity of huiman warmth and faith !!

"A tremendous stream is flowing toward the ocean... in the long run we are sure to join the Ocean of Life and Bliss."

...Swami Vivekananda.

Walnut Cake, Kashmir

Dharamsala News.." Walnut Winters..Kashmir!"

India News Live: "Kashmiri Fruits",30th Nov, 2010

From the flaming colors of the South, to the devotional chants of 'Sai Shirdi Baba', which echo right upto the Northern Himalayan peaks...India, is fascinating in its flamboyant vitality.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir, is vibrant in Winters with the snow and 'kangri'(hand coal heater)..nothing better to sip than the Kashmiri spice tea (Kauwa), laced with gossip and crackin 'walnuts'!

Rich in diet fibre the walnut enjoys an ageless season with all generations..young n the old. The dried fruit is relished in cuisine all around the world. My personal favorite which brings back all of our childhood memories of Kashmir, is 'apple n walnut cakes and cookies, served in intricately carved walnut wood dishes.

26/11, Taj Mahal Hotel Mumbai, India

Dharamsala News.." Doves of Peace..!"

India News Live: "Tribute Mumbai",26th Nov, 2010

We hope and pray on this day, that the 'doves of peace' fly high with the message of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama..for compassion and universal harmony. Our heartfelt tribute to all those affected by this unfortunate violence in Mumbai, India.

Child and Baby Elephant, India

News Dharamsala.." Trust goes a Long Way..!"

Volunteering Dharamsala
Yoga, Vidya Niwas

India News Live: "Spiritually Energizing Holidays",24 Nov, 2010

Some of the best trust building communion, exists between animals and humans, guru and student and community interaction. It is only when we trust each other, can we march forward in life, as Mahatma Gandhi did in his famous 'Dandi March'. The teachings of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama patronise, spiritual compassion with each other. Every time we take a leap forward, we need to have faith in the ability of each other.

Our holidays, specially designed by 'Dharamsala Tours & Travels', bring out the essence of India news, in its growth of Body, Mind & Soul !

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