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India News

Guide India, News Archive 02, 2011..Click Graphic above !

Guide India..India Miniguide, News Archive 01, 2011, Click here !

Festival India

Guide India.." Shine..Share n Give..2012 !"

" Festival Culture !", 29th December ,2011

It is always Festival times around the World..celebration starts with decorationg the environment of your ancient tradition in India..Religion teaches us to be social, compassionate and care for the things around you..Society teaches us to love your neighbours and respect all living beings and God teaches us..good karmas to be practised and blesses you in every Festivals..!

Our Vidya Niwas dog 'Bobo', sends his New Year n Merry Christmas to Little Bo of the White House..!!

Tourist India

Guide India.." Rotating the Globe..on a prayer wheel..India Miniguide !"

" Prayers, India !", 26th December ,2011

Even as the merry jingle of Christmas buzz sways away, there is much to take back home..cheers of the Himalayas apart from the Indian vigor and vibes !

It has been a healing challenge for us at 'Dharamsala Tours n Travels ', weaving dreams into the tour programs of young globe-trotters and we are forever jotting new dairy notes on youthful experiences..!!

Different Prayers for different Needs...Dharamsala Miniguide..Click here !

Moth Life
Sangeeta Dharamsala

Guide India.." I can sense the Wind, and yet I cannot Fly !"

" Tapestry, India !", 23rd December ,2011

The warmth of a hand-knit woolen, can be reassuring in its energy ! It can make you understand, all the colors of the tapestry, which exists in the lustre of the dew drops, the light of the glow-worms, the whisper of the Wind, as it roars over the Mountains..

How was the first yarn created, to warm the winter ?!..Would it be there for us to untangle had the colors faded over time..?!!

Indian Cooking
Chicken India

Guide India.." Kitchen Talk !"

" Pots n Pans, India !", 15th December ,2011

Every Kitchen in the World, must have been a highlight of contentment..satisfaction levels run high on a full stomach. Even when we try not to be prejudiced, it is impossible not to succumb to favorites..those special pots n pans, which compliments your cooking and mood.

My own personal favorite is the age old 'kadai' and copper pots (patila) for cooking hot Indian meals and maximising the flavors of Indian herbs n spices !

Healing Djharamsala
Energy Healing

Guide India.." Borrowing the Aura of the Sun !"..Vidya Niwas

" Trending Vitality, Dharamsala !", 11 December ,2011

08th December, 2011..The hour of the Mystic..

" Take time to be quiet; it is the opportunity to seek thy soul.

Take time to play; it is the secret of staying young.

Take time to love and be loved; it is God's greatest gift.

Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul.

Take time to dream; it is what the future is made of.

Take time to heal; it will take the pain away and vitalize the Universe ! "

A day of loving and giving..sharing energy at the Healing Clinic hosted at Vidya Niwas, Dharamsala.

Vidya Niwas Rooftop Terrace

Home cuisine, Dharamsala

Guide India.." What can bring a gleam in the Eye, !?"..Vidya Niwas

" Food Journeys !", 30th November ,2011

Ancient wisdom has elaborated on the power of good wholesome food ! Many times food is all about the right occasion, laughter and talking around the table and above all a sense of good humor and bon homme.

Most wonderful recipes in the world, come from the heart and attain perfection, not so much from the ingredients you use, but by the loving care, you add in your cooking !!

Peacock India

Guide India.." Colors India "

" Peacock India !", 27th November ,2011

There were so many colors in the sky..the female peacock asked God that all these colors should paint the canvas of her mate.

The wisdom of the Creator was challenged and a little amused by the tenacity of the bird fowl which in its female version, had very little color in her plumage. He had to consent and so the royal Peacock blue, the radiant orange n gold, dark red, purple n green all hues of the rainbow were there ornamenting the proud male Peacock. However, the divine muse soon realised that in all its beauty the Peacock had developed traits of vanity and arrogance..and so to bring it back to 'earth', God made his flight no longer could touch the heaven as did the more humble birds..!

Pride hath a even when we learn how to is important to walk on the Earth first with a humble step..!!

Animal Compassion

Guide India.." Compassion can save a life "

" Breaking Boundaries !", 26th November ,2011

Wading through troubled waters, to the safety of the shores, can earn us either enemies or friends.

Living a life in pre-concieved notions of speculation can very often sink us..sink a world and even the entire Universe. An open mind which motivates our 'moving forward' in life, can spring a surprise on what it can offer, from where we least expect it to come..!

Crossing Barriers can in today's life means..Living life on your own terms and learning from your own experience !

Guide India." The Wisdom of God "

" The Guru !", 10th November ,2011

.." Why withold what is due to others,

Get peace by giving them their due. "

..Guru III, Sarang Rag

.." Those who keep false books,

And earn wealth by dishonest means;

And those who love falsehood,

Shall be burnt in the fire of hell. "

..Guru III, Majh Rag

Guide India." The fun Ride.. "

" Young & the Bold !", 05th November ,2011

So many dreams to chase, one would lose count when we are young n bold. Colored horizons of Hope and Vision, fun-filled days and long journeys.

It is amazing to witness..the young at heart, discovering India on their personal journeys of self growth..

India Vision

Guide India." India Experience "

" Flying Higher to Reach the Sky !", 28th October ,2011

"Experience is a hard teacher, it tests you first, then gives you the lesson...!"

Swastika India

Guide India." India..Swastik..the Mantra of Love! "

" Diwali Blessings !", 26th October ,2011

The symbol of Life, Love and Eternity..

The swastika is one of the 108 symbols of Hindu deity Vishnu and represents the Sun's rays, upon which life depends. Its use as a Sun symbol can first be seen in its representation of the god Surya.The swastika is used in all Hindu yantras and religious designs.

Swastika is also considered as a symbolic representation of Ganesha, in Hinduism. Ganesha as per Hindu rites is offered first offerings and as such in every pooja, at first Swastika is made with Sindoor during any religious rites of Hindu.

Dance of the Temples, Odissi

Guide India." India..Old as Tradition! "

" Dance in the Sunlight !", 24th October ,2011

Based on Natya Shastra, Odissi is regarded as one of the oldest surviving dance forms of India, with well preserved archaeological evidence. It has originated from Orissa and its history can be traced back to the 2nd century BC. The tradition of Maharis (Temple Dancers), who apppesed the Gods with their creative 'Tribhang' artistry..has its roots in the 'Devadasis' dance rituals.

Sculptured sensuality with classical earthy rythms, lyrics and divine verses of Lord Jagannath and Radhe Krishna, all depict the spirituality of the human soul..!

Har Shingar, Flower India

Guide India." The Flower of Gods! "

"A Fragnant Earth !", 18th October ,2011

Every morning, while visiting our aunt in Bareily (UP), we would wake up to the sound of morning 'ragas' and the soft pitter patter of little girls, who would come in to collect the fallen aromatic 'Har Singar' flowers from the house garden. They grew in abundance from an old tree, which had no time or care in the world !

The girls were from the nearby temple and in the evenings their endeavor showed on the Gods who it seemed could not bless without this aromatic abundance around them..!

..Sangeeta Gurung

India Berry

Guide India." Fruits that stay on the Tongue! "

" Berry Story !", 07th October ,2011

Fruits that linger on the tongue are those childhood memories of hot summer days in the plains of India and dust laden winds. One without the other, would be incomplete, as is life without its sweet n sour flavors.

The 'Phalsas' (Indian Berry) are remniscent of buzzing Indian streets and loud hawkers selling their goods..A picture postcard India, which few of us could forget..!!

Sweet n Sour ..Journeys India..Click Here !

Faith India

Guide India." A promise to God! "

" Confidence !", 03rd October ,2011

Faith, is the best alternative to building self confidence. The power of the Divine is, the actual consequence of good karma, which manifests itself in the collective responsibility for a prosperous Universe. It holds within itself, the promise of 'Tomorrow' !

Faith Journeys in India...Click Here !

Faith Healing India

Guide India." The Light of Energy ! "

" Illumination !", 20th Sep,2011

Energy, in its most abstract form, worships the divine spirituality of faith. Although not visible and not touchable by hand, it is as powerful as the overwhelming emotion of love..whoever it touches, whenever it happens, it can enrich your life with healing and rejuvation of the spirit !

For Spiritual Healing..Dharamsala..Click Here !

India Flora

Guide India." Floral Landscape, India ! "

" Season of Blossom !", 21st Sep,2011

India, a country of many heavens, which come into blossom with the season of buds n blooms ! It is amazing how the floral landscape of India, can trigger in our hearts, so many shades of nostalgia and drifting moments of life !!

Floral Impressions, India..Click Here !

St John's Church, Dharamsala
Temples India

Guide India." India, Land of Many Heavens ! "

" A Spiritual Path !", 18th Sep,2011

Many many miles apart, many tides have come and gone..time has been timeless in its watch over Humanity, oceans of countless generations bearing the fruits of the family tree..!

What has not changed, the teachings of the Sages n Gods, who have guarded the Globe well and who have left behind them, an open sky which showers its blessings on all..

..Do our Gods know our name and where we come from ??!

Monsoon India
Dance India

Guide India." Season of Bloom ! "

" Sky kisses Earth !", 09th Sep,2011

The Earth was parched, the birds in the Sky had forgotten their song..the flowers knew not the cajoling dance of the butterflies !

In the Heaven above, the Gods were worried, a Season of Bloom was awaited ?!..

..the Sky knew not how to woo the Earth with its song. The Sun on its journey, scorched the Earth with its knew not the gentle whispers of seduction. The Wind was carried away with the romance of the moment and the Earth was left asking..! The Moon knew only the hours of the Night, the Earth was used to a more constant companion. Finally, the Gods blessed the Sky with the its incessant lash, was the roar of passion, in its gentle pitter-patter was, the Dance of Love n Joy . A Season of Bloom had arrived !

However hard the Path might be, it is necessary to vent your Heart's feeling and give expression to your emotion, for any relationship to prosper !!

A Season of Bloom..Dance India..Click Here !

Paint India

Guide India." A Brush with Colors ! "

" Painter's Palette !", 05th Sep,2011

Whether it be the Lotus Temple in Delhi..or, the vibrant panaroma of Indian Culture, the flora and fauna of India colors, is a fascinating study for any painter.

Guide India..Colors of Nature..Click Here !

Flowers Dharamsala

Guide India." Pledge to Green ! "

" A Day in the Sunshine !", 30th Aug,2011

In passionate vanity, a bunch of galavanting butterflies on their humdrum stroll, looked at the bees and said, " Seek the skies above, there is no sweet nectar for you, in this garden ! The humble bees buzzing with life, drank the energy of the Sun.

As the day drew closer the bees could be seen collecting in their wings all the colors of the flowers..crimson for life, saffron for energy, blue for calm and green for eternity!

Many a time, the nectar in our lives might be missing, but the sweetness of honey is the flavor of all colors !!

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